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First Crusade


The First Crusade (1095–1099) was the first of a number of crusades that attempted to recapture the Holy Lands, called by Pope Urban II in 1095. ... This first group is often called the Peasan...

007680 1. During the fourteenth century, Japanese women


Feb 14, 2011 ... 3. A group of northern European port cities organized themselves into what came to be called the. A. Commercial League of North Europe.

1. How did the rulers of the Canyon peoples deal with the


May 25, 2011 ... C. They peacefully incorporated neighboring peoples into their system. D. They adopted harsh military ... A group of northern European port cities organized themselves into what came to be called the. A. Hanseatic League.

Pennsylvania History


The other large linguistic group in Pennsylvania was the Algonkian, represented ... In the end, they fell victim to new diseases brought by European settlers, and to ... who came to Pennsylvania from the west in the 1690s, some groups settling on the .... He visited Philadelphia, just laid out as the capital city, created the three ...

HIST 100: Part 4


The period we are going to study this week is called the Middle Ages. By this ... It was during this period that Europe's development came to depend less on the .... The Roman Empire had been organized around cities that were economic, cultural, and ... He conquered northern Italy, Saxony, Bavaria, Brittany, and into Spain.

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Formal planning for the invasion of Northwest Europe began in 1943. ... He and his staff then prepared the details of a plan to organize, transport, land, and supply the ... He hoped to lead the airborne troops into battle, but after only a few months he was .... Small groups of Allied ships and planes would head towards Calais, ....

Ancient Mesopotamia - TimeMaps


Here, the earliest cities in world history appeared, about 3500 BC. ... 1500: The Mitanni, an Indo-European people, conquer northern Mesopotamia, plus areas of ... but in ancient times the sea came much further inland, and they flowed into it as .... be supplemented in times of war by a larger group of citizens, called up until .....

The Occupation of Mexico, May 1846-July 1848


May 23, 2006 ... Scott then led his army into the interior of Mexico with victories at Cerro Gordo, ... the latter group being of mixed European and Indian heritage. ... Map 1: Scott's Campaign, Advance to Mexico City, 1846-1847 .... After the regiments were organized, they "mustered" into federal service and came under Wa...

Outline of American History - Chapter 2: The Colonial Period


Most settlers who came to America in the 17th century were English, but there were ... it grew prosperous, and Boston became one of America's greatest ports. ... World for the Scots-Irish, who moved into the colony in the early 18th century. " Bold and indigent strangers," as one Pennsylvania official called them, they hat...

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Across the Atlantic came successive groups of Englishmen, Frenchmen, ... links between the coastal plain and the ports, and thence with Europe. ... a body of men and women called Puritans sought to reform the Established .... This did not, however, mean that all settlers transformed themselves into Englishmen abroad.

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May 29, 2011 ... A group of northern European port cities organized themselves into what came to be called the. A. Hanseatic League. B. Commercial League of ...

Middle Ages, Towns In The Middle Ages - World History International


A history of Europe during the Middle Ages including its people, rulers, government, culture, wars ... by way of Italy came oriental luxury goods - silks, sugar, and spices. ... and other northern Italian cities, trade flowed through such passes as the ... In each town the merchants and artisans organized themselves into guilds,.

History 266: World History from the Renaissance to Imperialism ...


Climatic Changes: The population situation came at a most unfortunate time, ... This deadly disease was spread into Europe by the westward migrations of the .... B. Why the Renaissance Began in the Italian City-States: As was mentioned in the ..... and thus galvanized, they organized themselves into a separate church, the ...