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First Lesson: How to Introduce Yourself. 1. Warm up. Most teachers find one or two great warm up activities and use them often in their classes. If you have an ...

Aug 6, 2012 ... Chapter 6: Introducing Yourself to the Class ... refresh your memory as you progress to a new setting or even your student teaching experience.


Aug 20, 2012 ... We once heard of a teacher who dressed up in her best bell bottoms and discoed her way into her classroom on the first day with Gloria Gaynor ...


Your introduction should be succinct, but make sure to ... get a sense of your qualifications for teaching the course, ...


My sister, who started teaching five years before I did, shared this letter with ... I like this idea as a first day activity to introduce yourself to the students! .... This week I sent home a newsletter to the parents of the kindergarten class I am student .


Apr 10, 2014 ... See More. Introducing the Student-Led Classroom to my students ... Self esteem lesson idea with "I like myself" Good Introduction tool. Find this ...


This introduction game works best with small class sizes. Procedure .... This activity is an entertaining and intriguing way to introduce yourself to the class. It also provides the students ... This game is also great for teaching pronouns. Procedure.


17. Lesson plan: introducing yourself. Time. Details. 15 mins. Whole class. Introduction. Explore with the class the nature of greetings: why do we use them?


Beginner English Lesson Plan: First Day of Class ... As students enter the classroom walk around and say “hello.” Introduce yourself using the phrase “hi,.