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Foods that are Dangerous for Dogs
Some foods which are edible for humans, and even other species of animals, can pose hazards for dogs because of their different metabolism. Some may cause only mild digestive upsets, whereas, others can cause severe illness, and even death... More »
Foods Toxic to Dogs:

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While sharing the occasional tidbit with your dog is fine, it's important to be aware that some foods can be very dangerous to dogs. Take caution to make sure ...

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Our nutrition experts have put together a handy list of the top toxic people foods to avoid feeding your pet.

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Oct 24, 2014 ... What foods should you never feed your dog? There are certain foods not to feed dogs under any situation. Pay attention to this list of toxic ...

Foods You Should Not Feed Your Dog - Pet Education

Q. Which foods could be dangerous for my dog? A. ... This list is, of course, incomplete because we can not possibly list everything your dog should not eat.

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Some foods that are safe for people can be very dangerous for pets. Protect your pets by reading our list of some common foods that can be poisonous for dogs, ...

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Mar 18, 2014 ... WebMD's slideshow shows you which foods your dog should never eat, including fat trimmings and chocolate.

Pet Poison | List of Pet Toxins for Dogs and Cats

List of pet toxins and dangers. ... Search for a poison: ... Plants · Aspirin Medications · Asthma Inhaler Medications · Australian Nut Foods · Autumn Crocus Plants ...

Toxic Foods for Dogs - Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts » DogHeirs ...

Jun 20, 2011 ... Dogs are also experts in sniffing out smelly, tasty food lying around and quickly ... So knowing what foods are toxic to dogs is helpful in preventing an ... mixed terrier dog almost everything on this list since she was a puppy.

12 Human Foods You Didn't Know Could Kill Your Dog - Foodbeast

May 15, 2014 ... Chocolate is one of the most common foods that is bad for dogs, so we figured we'd knock it off the list early. Dog owners know better than to ...

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Q: A list of foods harmful to dogs?
A: 1. Onions (Both onions and garlic contain the toxic ingredient Thiosulphate. But onions are more of a danger. Many dog biscuits contain *small* amounts of garli... Read More »
Q: Are there harmful chemicals not listed in exceed dog food?
A: I would use a different type if you dont know or ask the vet. Read More »
Q: I would like to get a list of human foods that are harmful or poi...
A: Some will surprise you. Others are things you would never give your dog purposefully, but now you will be more careful to not let them be in your dog’s reach. A... Read More »
Q: What are harmful foods for dogs?
A: rasins, grapes, chocolate (especially dark) onions, and lots more that i cant remember right now. Read More »
Q: What foods are harmful to dogs?
A: Foods harmful to dogs: Avacado, Baby food, bones in fish or poultry, cooked bones, Read More »