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A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked to make a point ... It is also common to use a rhetorical question to bring an end to a debate or to finalize a de...

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Here are some answers of rhetorical questions that have answers that are very obvious, either because they ask about common facts or because the answer is ...

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Definition and a list of examples of rhetorical question. A rhetorical question is asked not to get an answer, but instead to emphasize a point.

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Thought provoking stupid, nonsensical and rhetorical questions! A huge selection of strange questions that can be used as examples or exercises. Looking for definitions of the ... A List of Funny Questions By Category · Are you old or ageing?

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A rhetorical question implies its own answer; it's a way of making a point. Examples: “Aren't you ashamed of yourself?” “What business is it of yours?” “How did ...

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Rhetorical question definition, a question asked solely to produce an effect or to make an assertion and not to elicit a reply, as “What is so rare as a day in June?

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"Something [rhetorical] questions all have in common . . . is that they are not asked, and are not understood, as ordinary information-seeking questions, but as  ...

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You want to learn about rhetorical questions, don't you? This lesson will explore the purpose and use of rhetorical questions in literature,...

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Question asked that is asked for effect and not usually designed for an answer. Usually encourages the person or people being asked the question to...

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Jun 8, 2008 ... A question is "rhetorical" if it is asked merely for effect with no answer expected. The purpose of this figure of speech is not to secure a response ...

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Definition, Usage and a list of Rhetorical Question Examples in common speech and literature. A rhetorical question is asked just for effect or to lay emphasis on ...

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Read on and find some interesting examples for rhetorical questions. Examples of Rhetoric Questions Common Rhetorical Questions. "If your friend jumped off ...

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Nov 4, 2012 ... A rhetorical question is a common rhetorical device where a question is asked by a speaker, but no answer is expected from the audience.