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List of spells in Harry Potter


Spells in Harry Potter occur in the fictional wizarding world of the series of books by author J. K. ..... in the book History of Magic which Harry is reading to do his homework. Witches and wizards...

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Home > Spell Lists & Domains > Sorcerer/Wizard Spells. Hypertext d20 SRD ... Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft. Read Magic: Read ...

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Wizard Spells. 544pages on this wiki. Edit. Classic editor · History. Comments5. Contents. [show]. Wizard Spells (PHB) Edit ..... Class, Race, Spell List Index.

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@2015 Wizards of the Coast LLC. Permission granted to print and photocopy this document for personal use only. Page 1. D&D Spell Lists. This document ...

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Our master list of Magic Spells is below. Click on any category to pick from over 16,000 magic spells or read more about black magic or white magic. Beginners ...

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I want to try making a wizard for my next character but noticed that the ... Yes, the recent Sage Advice Rules Roundup includes an index of spells ...

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An <sup>M</sup> or <sup>F</sup> appearing at the end of a spell's name in the spell lists denotes a spell with a material or focus component, respectively, that ... Sorcerer/Wizard Spells ...

Sorcerer / Wizard spells - DDO wiki


Mar 18, 2016 ... Sorcerers and Wizards cast arcane spells. ... Check here if you're looking for a list of spells affected by the ... The Rare Arcane Scroll List ...

Spell List: Wizard - D&DNext


0-level conjuration. The spectral hand you create with this spell can manipulate objects, open doors, and carry small items for you. Many wizards use mage hand  ...

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Wiz101 Trainable Spells. These lists are powered by the Duelist101 Training Point Calculator. Need to figure out your training points for a new wizard or a buy  ...

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A list of spells used by wizards in Wizards of Waverly Place. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q...

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Sorcerer/Wizard Spell List Filter. An “F” or “M” appearing in the Comp. column denotes a focus or material ... 0-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (Cantrips) ...

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Bloodbridge, Necromancy Cantrip. Cleric; Druid; Sorcerer; Warlock; Wizard. The ( Not Really) Complete Tome of Spells ↗. Call Upon Faith, Evocation Cantrip.