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In the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, an indulgence is "a way to reduce the amount of .... Religious institutes and the like, to which grants of plenary indulgences, for instance for .....

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forgiveness for sins.

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The sale of indulgences was farmed out to commissioners, contractors who would keep a proportion of the takings as payment. Chaucer's Pardoner sold such ...

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From his prologue and tale, the reader discovers that the Pardoner is well ... the Pardoner has the effrontery and hypocrisy to try to sell one of his "pardons" to the  ...

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The Pardoner claims to have Mary's veil and a piece of St. Peter's sail. After his tale, the Pardoner tries to sell these relics to the other pilgrims, angering the Host,  ...

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a medieval pardoner who sells certificates delivering sinners from the eternal penalties brought on by ... Players are medieval pardoners who travel the Road to Canterbury tempting Pilgrims with the ..... This card does NOT grant you an extra.

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The Pardoner announces that he keeps the relics in his "male," the bulging purse ... Any money earned from the sale of pardons was to be designated for charity.

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May 19, 2013 ... Rhetorical Destabilization, Chaucer's Pardoner, and Boccaccio's Frate ... Chaucer's Pardoner sells to villagers. ...... Bulls are the certificates of .... time, Cipolla uses his jokes and double entendres to grant all the villagers the.

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Pardoner states, “Radix malorum est cupiditas ... a pardoner was a clergy member who had authority from the pope to grant ... certificates to make money for the church or themselves. ..... And said, “Sell me some poison if you will,. I have a lot ...

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Indulgences: These were 'certificates' produced in bulk that had been ... wait until a pardoner was in your region selling an indulgence and purchase one as the ...

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The Pardoner then explains to the pilgrims the methods he uses in preaching. .... The Pardoner's Tale ends with the Pardoner trying to sell a relic to the Host and ...

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Summoner (process server for ecclesiastical court) Pardoner (sells people holy objects and certificates that grant pardons for their sins). Harry Bailly, the Host at  ...