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Shy poetry: ... i am shy i shy from your compliments, the way they used to fly off your tongue like a bird escaping ... But the shyness is like a roadblock. So treat it  ...


... poetry site. Ranked poetry on Shy, by famous & modern poets. Learn how to write a poem about Shy and share it! ... Being around human beings tires me.


Jul 11, 2013 ... With this poem I can't get into trouble. I think I'm normal, but they think I'm shy. And I know why. I think I'm normal, but they think I'm different.

Jun 17, 2013 ... 'Shy People' performed by Laurence O'Reilly Performance poetry ... One thing I hate about being shy is when people walk up to you and ask if ...


I'm trying to make a point to people about shy kids. ... Don't Judge Me Because I' m A Quiet Poem ... People never leave me alone because I'm shy. They try to lure me out into an ... All submissions are moderated before being published.


NOTE: I'm not looking for poems about unrequited love, but rather connections made or being made whilst shy. Shailja Patel's poem, 'First ...


Jan 6, 2007 ... It Isn'T Being Shy by Holly Somer. .Its not easy to get striaght As To tie your hair back into french braids. To gain courage and ask your crush out ...


I wrote this poem five years ago and have only just discovered this forum ... after the session so that helps to practice being in a social situation.


“Because there are hundreds of different ways to say one thing, I, being a writer, songwriter, and poet, speak childishly and incoherently. In speech there is so ...


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