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omg Taking back sunnday-not emo haha. .... And how is it vandalization to speak my mind on a page for the discussion of this topic? .... So while it must be included in Wikipedia, I think it should be done in a much more rational fashion.


Nov 18, 2013 ... "A Rational Conversation" is a column by writer Eric Ducker in which he ... Most trace emo's roots back to an outgrowth of the Washington, D.C., ...


Jan 15, 2014 ... See also: Emo is Dead, Long Live Emo: 30 Bands Making it Safe to Hurt ... Brad Nelson got at in their “A Rational Conversation: Is Emo Back?


Nov 21, 2013 ... ... most recent NPR Music piece, for example:http://www.npr.org/blogs/therecord/ 2013/11/18/245954581/a-rational-conversation-is-emo-back).


On Something Awful, when you're banned, you can come back but you have to pay. ... Players choose from one of four classes--Emo Kid, Troll, Camwhore, ...... Plenty of people have calm, rational, reasonable discussions online, too, and it's  ...


Aug 3, 2017 ... When debating immigration policy, rational adults cite statutes. Emo journalists cite .... Divisive wordplay undermines discussion. 1 reply 0 ...


Mar 28, 2008 ... The Emos – short for Emotional – regard themselves as a cool, ... Emo bands ( Green Day, My Chemical Romance), Emo conversation ... Put all this hatred together with the genre's tendency not to fight back (because they're, you know, emo) ... A Rational Conversation: 'SPIN' Editor-At-Large Charles Aaron ...


Three Parts:Looking the PartUnderstanding EmoParticipating in Emo ... hair, start growing out your bangs, but still getting clean-up cuts on the back of your neck.


NPR - A Rational Conversation : is emo back? ... Stereogum - 12 Bands To Know From The Emo Revival - 10/1/13 ... Emo At Heart - Album Review - 05/21/13.