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A weather or sounding balloon is a balloon which carries instruments aloft to send back information on atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed by means of a small, expendable meas...

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The radiosonde is a small, expendable instrument package (weighs 250 to 500 grams) ... sends the sensor measurements to a sensitive ground tracking antenna on a radio ... Observations where winds aloft are also obtained from radiosondes are ... A typical NWS "weather balloon" sounding can last in excess of two hours.

The Instruments of Meteorology


Oct 31, 2000 ... The earliest instruments used to monitor weather involved the senses of ... This human sensitivity to weather is illustrated in the attached diagram .... allowing high time-resolution studies of pressure-wave events in the atmosphere. .... in order to make a balloon which could stay aloft for sufficiently long, and ...

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Due to the sensitivity of the electronics, most chilled mirror hygrometers are too expensive .... How high does a weather balloon rise before taking measurements ? ... A: Weather balloons carry expendable instrument packages called radiosondes ..... the jet stream is by sending aloft weather balloons from around the country.

BRRISON: A Planetary Science Balloon Mission | NASA


Aug 15, 2013 ... The gondola payload will be harnessed to a high altitude balloon that will ... BRRISON will launch from Fort Sumner, New Mexico and stay aloft for only ... During a fairly common space event called a solar storm – when a cloud of ...... 18, 2016, the GRIPS balloon team sent their instrument soaring towards ...

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Feb 25, 2010 ... Echo, was a giant mylar balloon, 100 feet in diameter, that could " ... trapped in two donut-shaped belts around Earth, called the Van Allen belts. ..... NASA's Langley Research Center sent weather balloons drifting through the skies ... The high-flying balloons carried instruments that collected data on what'...

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Jan 29, 2002 ... In August 2001 a high-altitude balloon was sent aloft to ride far above the great ... The sprite lies above horizontal (so-called spider) lightning in the lower portion ... Inan suggests that more sensitive instruments on the balloon may have .... because they ignore the largest single influence on Earth's weather.

NASA Research Balloon Makes Record-Breaking Flight | NASA


Jan 28, 2005 ... Flying near the edge of space, a NASA scientific balloon broke the flight record for ... to measure the faint background radiation, and they are far more sensitive. ..... The high-altitude balloon that carried the HySICS instruments to the .... NSC personnel sent the balloon aloft to an altitude of about 102,000 feet ...

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A successful test launch in Antarctica for BARREL (Balloon Array for RBSP ... The charged particles within the radiation belts can damage sensitive ..... The balloon -borne instruments will gather data on magnetic systems and send that ... By coordinating with NASA's Van Allen Probes – two spacecraft orbiting high above  ...

NASA's Super Pressure Balloon is Hoping to Break Records | NASA


1, 2015, but the team will have to wait for calm wind conditions to send their .... A live television transmission of the launch of a high-altitude balloon carrying a ... The balloon and its payload remained aloft for about 8 ½ hours before returning to Earth. ... One of the missions in that campaign, called the High Altitude Student  ...

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Observations where winds aloft are also obtained from radiosondes are called ... among other data, are also archived and sent to the NOAA National Climatic Data Center. ... The kites carried aloft meteorological instruments or " meteorographs" that ... The inability of kite and aircraft meteorographs to achieve high altitudes,...

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RADIOSONDE .... A Weather Balloon is attached to an instrument called a Radiosonde. ... What is a sensitive weather tool sent high aloft a balloon called?

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Radiosondes launched with balloons for the purpose of measuring weather ... The radiosonde is a small, expendable instrument package that is ... that sends the sensor measurements to a sensitive ground tracking antenna on a ... Observations where winds aloft are also obtained from radiosondes are called " rawinsonde" ...