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3D (or 3-D) means three-dimensional, or having three dimensions. ... The three dimensions are often called length (or depth), width (or breadth), and height. ... The mathematical study of 3D shapes and dimensions is called solid geometry.


A shape having the same dimension of length height width? A shape having ... What are the dimensions of the Chloe Diamond -- width and height? The Chloe ...


A cube, a sphere, and numerous other shapes that could fit if the dimensions are right (cylinder, cone, pyramid, toroid, prism, etc ...


People often ask about the "correct" use of length, width, height, and depth. ... of string to measure its length against a ruler, the length of the string is the same even ... Question: Rectangles may be drawn in various sizes, shapes, and positions.


Use this length x width x height calculator to determine the volume in the ... in the same measurement units, just select your preferred units for each dimension and ... Also a graphic of the Volume shape and dimensions will be drawn which will ...


Mar 15, 2012 ... In geometry, the relationships among different parts of a shape can be ... If you measure the height, length and width of a rectangular prism, you can use ... that hold the same amount of juice can have very different dimensions.

Feb 17, 2013 ... You can find the length, width and height of a cube by following a few basic, easy to manage steps. Learn about the length, width and height of ...


Jan 18, 2015 ... A three-dimensional (3D) shape has three dimensions: length, width, and ... x width x height OR side x side x side (since they are all the same) ...


Formula used for this shape. ... The formula for finding the volume is length x width x height: ... You will get the same answer regardless of the order. ... anything you like as long as you get the measurement for each of the three dimensions.


Length vs Width There is currently some confusion going on when ... also have channel widths having greater measures than their channel length. ... the other side which measures across a particular shape or object whose lengths are ... I am trying to understand the difference between the height of an object and the length.