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A government is the system by which a state or community is controlled. In the Commonwealth .... That entity may be an individual, as in an autocracy, or it may be a group, as in an oligarchy. ... K...

What is a system of government by groups or officials - Answers


An "oligarchy" is a system of government by groups or officials. It is a government that is run be several people as a group. It is distinguished from a "monarch", ...

groups of government officials - synonyms and related words ...


Comprehensive list of synonyms for groups of government officials, ... In the British political system, members of the cabinet are called cabinet ministers and ...

Branches of Government | USAGov


Government Agencies and Elected Officials ... The Constitution of the United States divides the federal government into three branches to ensure a central government in which no individual or group gains too much control: ... seeks to act in the best interests of its citizens through this system of checks and balances.

Interest Groups [ushistory.org]


The most common type of interest group is formed around businesses, corporations, and ... Lobbyists also contact government officials directly or informally, present research ... Do interest groups corrupt government by "buying" influence?

Russians Hacked More Than 100 Democratic Groups, Officials


Aug 10, 2016 ... Clinton campaign officials were among the main targets, and it appears the ... almost certain that the Russian government was behind the cyberattack. .... Are Taking Full Advantage of Our 'Broken Campaign-Finance System'.

Administrative Decentralization - World Bank


It can merely shift responsibilities from central government officials in the capital city to ... A third type of administrative decentralization is devolution. ... Can disperse scale economies/expertise groups: The need for specialized personnel is ...

Political Parties - Boundless


A political party seeks to influence government policy by nominating their own candidates and ... parliament, the party's parliamentary group forms the Official Opposition. ... In a nonpartisan system, no official political parties exist, sometimes ...

Non-Democratic Governments: Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism ...


An autocracy is a system of government in which a supreme political power is ... political decisions being made by a select group of officials behind closed doors.

72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In ...


Aug 26, 2013 ... And right now large groups of peaceful, law-abiding citizens are being ... to be “ extremists” and “potential terrorists” in official U.S. government documents. ..... the banking elite profit from the collapse of the monetary system.

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a political and economic system in which planning and policy are controlled by large groups such as businesses, trade unions, and central government ...

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System of government synonyms, System of government pronunciation, System of ... are in power political system social group - people sharing some social relation. ... theocracy - a political unit governed by a deity (or by officials thought to be ...

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However, Ancient Rome was to develop its own form of government that allowed ... one man governing the city and empire, as opposed to a group of elected officials. ... However, very few people in lower social classes questioned this system.