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8.1 Masculine emotional control; 8.2 Masculinity in military women ... It comes from the Latin militaris (from Latin miles meaning "soldier") but is of ... forces, their personnel, equipme...

A term that means no military control is to be used in an area


A term that means no military control is to be used in an area? A term that means no ... What does the military term refuse the line mean? This may mean to ...

Military Terms and Definitions


activation detector — (*) A device used to determine neutron flux or density by ... sites and exercises, short-term projects, and doing administrative or support .... to expedite their movement and conserve time and energy when no enemy ... near or within a joint special operations area to command, control, and/or support

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The term "Agency Employee is used when Federal agencies announce ... For example, when the area of consideration is stated as "U.S. Citizens it means that the ... Veterans still are given preference in this method, but there is no numerical .... by an individual while serving in the military on active duty, or in the Reserves.

Military Definitions


[JP 1-02] (DoD) A subordinate operational component of a tactical air control system designed to .... scheme of maneuver, usually limited to the area of military operations. ..... It performs no air warning service but is used to position friendly aircraft over .... Task order is an acquisition term meaning an order for services placed...

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Big Voice – Term used to describe the loudspeaker on a military base. .... Jawa – Term for an Army Soldier who is stationed in a desert area, named after the desert-dwelling aliens of "Star Wars." ... Kinetic – Slang adjective meaning violent . .... They are so ugly that they are an effective form of Birth Control when wearing ...

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Most military aircraft have a radar-altimeter, which reads aircraft height above ... Altitude, measured in thousands of feet (“angels fifteen” means 15,000 feet above sea level). Also, a term lovingly ascribed to the rescue helicopter by any aviator who .... Carrier On-Board Delivery aircraft, used to transfer personnel and cargo to ...

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A Vietnamese military unit consisting of three militia infantry companies; lifer: career military man. The term is often used in a derogatory manner. ... no sweat: easy, simple; NPD: night perimeter defense; number one: the best; number ten ... opcon: operational control; open sheaf: a term used in calling artillery, whereby the ....

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3 days ago ... Make no mistake: Experts agree that the U.S. military's .... More broadly, Moscow is signaling a long-term interest in extending its umbrella of anti-access area denial ... still considers Moscow's March 2014 invasion illegal and its control ... intelligence systems" to counter Russian military equipment used...

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