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A column or pillar in architecture and structural engineering is a structural element that ... In architecture, "column" refers to such a structural element that also has ... on a base set in the stylobate (floor base) and topped by a simple round capital. ... with capitals often using various types of foliage decoration, and in the West ...


The doric columns in Greek architecture are typically baseless, fluted, and with a smooth transition to the abacus (wider, square supporting structure above the ...


The doric columns in Greek architecture are typically baseless, fluted, and with a smooth transition to the abacus (wider, square supporting structure.


Each order consists of an upright support called a column that extends from a ... up the roof, for example, were translated into stone as a decorative element, called a triglyph (“three grooves”), in the entablature above the column capital. ... The entablature has a distinctive frieze decorated with vertical channels, or triglyphs.


A column may also be nonstructural, used for a decorative purpose or as a ... In Eastern architecture, columns tend to be simple in shape but richly decorated. ... from it; this type of column came to serve a decorative rather than structural purpose in ... of solids: Beams, columns, plates, and shells); use of capitals (in capital).


... styles of classical or Neoclassical architecture that are defined by the particular type of column ... A column consists of a shaft together with its base and its capital . .... The Tuscan has an unfluted shaft and a simple echinus-abacus capital. ... its capital is composed of Ionic volutes and Corinthian acanthus-leaf decoration.


They have a capital (the top, or crown) made of a circle topped by a square. The shaft (the tall part of the column) is plain and has 20 sides. There is no base in the ... The area above the column, called the frieze [pronounced "freeze"], had simple patterns. Above the ... The Ionic style is a little more decorative than the Doric.


capital Decorative element that divides a column or pier from the masonry ... block, cushion, or cubic capital: A simple cube-like capital with bottom corners tapered. ... An Ionic capital has a volute, or a spiral scroll-like carving, on each side as ...


Doric columns typically have a simple, rounded capital at the top; a heavy, fluted or smooth column shaft; and no base. Flutes are vertical, parallel channels that ...