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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, humanoid is a type of creature, ... Catfolk resemble a cross between a large predatory cat and a human, with a sleekly muscled .... Flyers: R...

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Across. 2. A monster with a human head and lion's body that gave riddles to travelers. 3. A flying horse. ... A very large humanoid monster. 5. A creature with the ...

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Dec 26, 2015 ... Monsters & Treasure suggests little else about large humanoids. ... The Troll is also a very dangerous monster, in a somewhat different way ...

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May 22, 2015 ... Humanoid Monster 3D model, available formats MAX OBJ, ready for 3D ... The cracked skin is done with a bump map and very large texture ...

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Sep 5, 2009 ... list history mythology mythological creatures monsters greek top 10 folklore elves norse leprechaun fairy dragon ... An ogre is a mythological humanoid monster that is large, cruel, and hideous. Don' .... It's very useful and nice.

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Due to their shy nature, they will only tolerate being seen by the very young (said ... an ogre is described large, cruel, monstrous and hideous humanoid monster.

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Jan 17, 2014 ... Here are some interesting monsters for you to read about. ... “Gambo” is the name given to a carcass of an unidentified large marine animal that ... Kappa are typically depicted as roughly humanoid in form, and about the size of a child. .... glacial-fed lake which has very poor visibility as a result of siltation.

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Dec 18, 2014 ... 3.1 Birds and serpents; 3.2 Lake monsters; 3.3 Monstrous creatures ..... but most generally refers to very small people, often men, that live in dark ... Ogre: An ogre is a large and hideous humanoid monster often found in fairy ...

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Very Powerful Races (31+ RP) .... Hill Giant Monster Class ..... Every humanoid creature also has a specific subtype to match its race, such as human, ... Humanoids with 1 Hit Die exchange the features of their humanoid Hit Die for the class ...

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If you wish, I will attach your annotated bibliography as a link to the monster, ... ( plural: Anthropophagi) Cannibal humanoids thought to dwell in the East and in Africa. ... for whale), a grande (literally a "large"), and even a "sea-pig" by one homilist. .... The legend did not spread very widely, but the monopod ...

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Is there a large-sized Humanoid with lowish HD? ... The general rules for monster classes are in Savage Species, and they say that you do ...

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Humanoid Monster, Bem - 25 - Farewell Humanoid Monsters Humanoid ... Humanoid Monster, Bem - 04 - Wings of the Haunted Humanoid Monster, Bem - 04 ...

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Jan 19, 2015 ... The monster manual separates humanoids from giants, yet the giant category says ... you have to take the italic text under the monster's name very literally. In the case of Ogres, that text is Large giant - not Large humanoid.