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Longitudinal waves are waves in which the displacement of the medium is in the same direction as, or the opposite direction to, the direction of travel of the wave. Mechanical longitudinal waves are...

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We know that a mechanical wave requires a medium through which to travel. The source puts the energy into the medium, and it propagates. A sound wave is a ...

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A wave can be described as a disturbance that travels through a medium from .... A medium is able to transport a wave from one location to another because the ...

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Since a sound wave is a disturbance that is transported through a medium via ... We know that a tuning fork is vibrating because we hear the sound that is produced by its vibration. ... That is, mechanical waves cannot travel through a vacuum.

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A: Sound travels through a medium as a mechanical wave. It cannot travel in a vacuum because it travels by vibrating the particles of the medium to transfer e.

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A wave X meters long passes through a medium with a speed of Y meters per second. The frequency ..... Rule out D because the transmitted pulse never inverts.

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Sound travels as a back-and-forth vibration of the particles of its medium. It is a longitudinal mechanical pressure wave that varies greatly in its speed of travel ... Sounds travel so much quicker through liquid and solid media because they are  ...

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Light travels through space as an electromagnetic wave that does not ... It cannot travel in a vacuum because it travels by vibrating the particles of the medium to ...

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If a vibratory disturbance occurs at any point in an elastic medium, this disturbance will be transmitted from one layer to the next through the medium, because of the ... same direction as the wave propagation through that point. ... such a wave travels along the string without changing its form, if the internal frictional losses.

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Sound is a mechanical wave, but you cannot see sound waves. They are mechanical because they need a medium to travel through. In most cases, sound  ...