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Lis pendens


In US law, a lis pendens is a written notice that a lawsuit has been filed concerning real estate, involving either the title to the property or a claimed ownership interest in it. The notice is usu...

A written claim to some piece of property - Answers.com


A written claim to some piece of property? ... Can your wife claim for property bought after your separation? ... What is written at the end of a piece of music?

Automobile Insurance Vocabulary - Career Connections


What it would cost to replace a piece of property, or rebuild a structure. — The owner ... A contract written to protect individuals named in the policy against specific future losses. — A situation in which some kind of loss is possible. — Payment ... The amount the insured pays on a claim before the insurer pays the remainder .....

Filing Property Damage Claims & Personal Injury


Filing Property Damage Claims: With and Without Personal Injury ... Some policies will also cover personal property lost or damaged away from ... Fortunately, you weren't hurt, but the crystal on your new watch cracked into hundreds of pieces.

Intellectual Property Considerations for Writers | The Creative Penn


Sep 7, 2012 ... Intellectual property (IP) considerations for writers are becoming ... Much of the IP protection work is falling to writers themselves, and some areas (such as e- publishing) ... What percentage royalties are you getting on the piece, and is this ..... To see someone claim my written expression of the most heartfelt ...

OSBA | Quitclaim Deed Transfers Property Without Ownership ...


A: A quitclaim deed is a written document that transfers the title (ownership) of real property such as a home or piece of land. ... A: It is called a “quit claim” deed because the seller simply “quits” his or her “claim” or interest in the property and ...

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Copyrighting your work is probably the easiest part of writing, because your work is ... to your right to claim ownership of a particular piece of "intellectual property. .... Lately, however, some publications are attempting to claim that if a piece is ...

If my neighbors' shed is within our property, can he claim the land ...


Neighbors' Shed Is on our Property: Can He Claim the Land Through ... one can successfully take adverse possession of a piece of property. .... First, as soon as you become aware of the issue, you should put your neighbor on written notice.

TEN WAYS TO SAVE YOUR LAND - Land Loss Prevention Project


wants to help people keep their property and has written ... land by small farmers and rural landowners are some of .... protect you legally from anyone who might try to claim ... piece of property, you will want to hire a lawyer to do a title search ...

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You may be eligible to claim a casualty deduction for your property loss if you suffer ... is applied to each separate casualty event, not each piece of property.

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What is a written claim to some piece of property called - Answers.com


This is called a lien or a deed.

How to Claim the Personal Property of Someone Who Has Died ...


A successor is someone entitled to the decedent's property. ... Here are some examples of property not included in the probate estate: ... part of the property and you still wish to claim it, you must get the other successor's written authorization.

Lien legal definition of lien - Legal Dictionary - The Free Dictionary


Waivers of lien must be in writing, give a sufficient description of the real estate, and ... In some states the lien of a properly docketed judgment affects all the ... n. any official claim or charge against property or funds for payment of a debt or an ...