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Wallace D. Fard aka Wallace Fard Muhammad /fə.ˈrɑːd/ (born February 26, 1877) was a co-founder of the Nation of Islam. He arrived in Detroit in 1930 with ...

The True Meaning of Shaheed - 2600


When translators relay to us the word "Shaheed", they usually translate it as " Martyr. ... He doesn't even fear the pain of death because Prophet Muhammad ...

The Culture Is I-God Book II - Ancient Order of Free Asiatics


7 Men Changed Earth: W.D. Fard(1891), Noble Drew Ali(1886), Marcus Garvey( 1887), Elijah Muhammad(1897), Malcolm X(1925), ... Clarence declared his name from then forward as Allah, and John 37x became known as Abu Shaheed.

Islamic Revival: The Shaheed (Martyr)


May 7, 2011 ... Martyrs (shuhadaa) are of three types; the shaheed of the Akhirah but not by ..... By the One in whose hand lies the should of Muhammad, whoever is ... And also ive read somewhere that when Jihad is Fard Ayn, then it is not ...

W.D. Mohammed's Spiritual Maturity - OnFaith


Sep 10, 2008 ... Mohammed said he knew that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad, the mysterious founder of the .... Garland Shaheed and Family • 8 years ago.

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Aug 2, 2005 ... Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, inspired a religious ideal of killing ... the holy martyrs, shaheed, the only Muslims to attain Allah's highest paradise. ... In this day and Age is Jihad Fard (obligatory) on every able bodied Man?

Ruling on those who drowned in the Egyptian ferry, and offering the ...


Feb 10, 2006 ... Whoever dies by drowning is a martyr (shaheed) and will have the reward of ... shown favour to the ummah of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah ... because offering the funeral prayer is a communal obligation (fard ...

Followers of Messenger of Fard VS. Followers of Messenger of Allah ...


Aug 6, 2013 ... This Fard Muhammad by the way, who supposed to be Allah, was ... is our brother Ash-Shaheed Malik Al-Shabbaz (Malcolm X Shabbazz).

Islam in the Mix: Lessons of the Five Percent - University of Arkansas


Apr 7, 1995 ... ... Village Voice) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, are Sunni (orthodox) Muslims. .... Clarence 13X reportedly began to doubt that Farad was God, since the ... In particular, he disseminated Farad Muhammad's secret teachings, ...

Some of the rulings on jihad, degrees of martyrdom and the life of ...


Dec 2, 2006 ... 2 – The one who is given the reward of the martyr but does not come ... Allaah has favoured the ummah of Muhammad (peace and .... If the kuffaar attack the Muslims, then jihad becomes an individual obligation (fard 'ayn) in ...