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Apr 21, 2017 ... that you have a right to be .... he be dead, any and all persons unknown to plaintiff, claiming, ... designation, namely: the wife, widow, husband, widower, heirs at law, ... persons deriving interest in or lien upon, or title to said real property by, through or under them, or either of them, and their respective wives,.


so straightforward that mere use of them in a sentence will make their meaning clear. ... to the probate estate, which constitutes all property that passes to others by ... A transfer or assignment of property refers to any type of passing of prop- ... dent trustee of a trust takes title to all trust assets in order to manage the trust.


Sep 18, 2006 ... Here's what a run-of-the-mill successors and assigns provision looks like: ... as a means of binding the assignee of any rights under that contract to ... If a party is permitted to assign its rights under a contract, it's obvious that the .... have had the intention of binding all future successors in interest, but this was ...


Apr 7, 2016 ... Deeds are used to convey title to real property. ... the right to recover against the grantor if there is any failure of title. ... on an exhibit or defined as “all matters of record,” so that the grantee ... Grantor's successors and assigns, to warrant and forever defend all and .... exchange for another piece of property).


E. Employee Benefits and Other Retirement Accounts. ..... probate to the decedent's heirs/devisees. ... spouses to create survivorship rights in their community ... that amount by reason of her husband's death. In .... themselves all or any part of their community property .... property of the surviving spouse through a nonprobate.


Constitution, same sex couples have a constitutionally protected right to ... estate of every woman acquired before marriage and all real and personal ... engagements of her husband, and may be dealt with and disposed of by her as if ..... his ward for the support and maintenance of any person other than said ward, his.


May 14, 2017 ... 47, No. 19 May 11 - 17, 2017 • queenstribune.com. T H. M M ! ,. A. O. NKS ... ville Centre, Suffolk County and other ..... The Queens Chamber of Commerce and all of Queens Day's sponsors .... title to said real property by, through or under them, ... husbands, widowers, heirs at ... ing or claiming an interest.


Nov 27, 2014 ... such unknown persons being herein generally described and ... wife, widow, husband, widower, heirs at law, next of ... through or under them, or ... creditors, trustees, committees, lienors and assigns, all .... NYS or visit the Department's website at www.banking. state.ny.us ..... any right, title or interest


For purposes of settlement of his estate, a person shall be presumed dead if absent ... If the decedent left no will and no debts and the heirs are all of age, or the minors ... upon the payment of any just claim that may be filed under section 4 of this rule. .... Any executor, devisee, or legatee named in a will, or any other person ...