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This can also be used for thoes who do not have alt codes, such as laptop users where holding alt and pressing the number keys does not make an alt symbol ...


For a list of keyboard shortcuts, see Table of keyboard shortcuts. ⌥ Opt or Alt The Alt key on a ... The standardized keyboard symbol for the Alt key (which may be used when the usual Latin lettering “Alt” is not preferred for labelling the key) is ...


Alt codes, a comprehensive list of all alt key codes symbols and characters with usage information and detailed symbol codes.


ALT Codes for letters with accents. Uppercase, Lowercase. Alt Codes, Symbol, Description, Alt Codes, Symbol, Description. Alt 0192, À, A grave, Alt 0224, à ...


List of Alt Codes used for Punctuation, Editing, Parenthesis, Quotation etc. ... Interrogetary and Exclamatory. Alt Code, Symbol, Description. Alt 33 ! Exclamation ...


Windows Alt Code for Currency Symbols ... Windows Alt Codes for Math Symbols ... ALT Codes for Foreign Language Letters with Accents (Useful Shortcuts.


Character, Sequence. E, Alt 69. F, Alt 70. G, Alt 71. H, Alt 72. I, Alt 73. J, Alt 74. K, Alt 75. L, Alt 76. M, Alt 77. N, Alt 78. O, Alt 79. P, Alt 80. Q, Alt 81. R, Alt 82.


The Penn State Symbol Codes site is migrating to Sites at Penn State and has been significantly updated. See the directory below for site content.


May 2, 2017 ... Here is the list of ALT key codes which makes the symbol insertion in Windows ... Download 600+ ALT code shortcuts in PDF eBook format.


Mar 4, 2017 ... facebook symbols on keyboard windows alt codes alt codes list ..... Keyboard symbols (shortcut codes for text symbols and characters)