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What is Abstinence? | Preventing Pregnancy and STDs


Is abstinence safe and effective? Planned Parenthood answers your questions about how abstinence prevents pregnancies and STDs.

Abstinence 101 - Abstinence Clearinghouse


The Myth: The rate of teen pregnancy has decreased since sex education became widely available. The TRUTH: Sex education became widely taught in ...

About Abstinence - KidsHealth


But discussing issues like abstinence, STDs, and birth control can help lower ... Providing the facts is vital, but it's also wise to tell your kids where you stand.

Get The Facts - Abstinence (not having sex)


Abstinence means different things to different people, the only 100% effective form of contraception, advantages, disadvantages.

Facts about Abstinence Education - Heritage Foundation


Mar 30, 2004 ... Efforts to redirect funds to programs deceptively labeled as support for " abstinence plus" or "comprehensive sex ed" would take funding away ...

Facts and Stats — The Abstinence Resource Center


Facts & Stats ... way of preventing a sexually transmitted infection is through abstinence. ... Abstinence is the only 100% sure method of preventing pregnancy .

Abstinence | Stay Teen


Search Sex Ed by Topic. show topics. hide topics. Birth Control Explorer · Sex · Myths vs. Facts · Abstinence · Advice · Relationships · STDs · Media ...

Myths and Facts About Comprehensive Sex Education


tack by supporters of abstinence-only education. With much misinformation being propagated about comprehensive sexuality education, it is time to put the ...

The Truth About Abstinence-Only Programs - Advocates for Youth


The Facts: Abstinence-only education programs are not effective at delaying the initiation of ... The Facts: A new study showed that improved contraceptive use is  ...

Facts on American Teens' Sources of Information About Sex


Feb 6, 2012 ... About one in four adolescents aged 15-19 (23% of females and 28% of males) received abstinence education without receiving any instruction ...

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Q: Sex abstinence class fact....?
A: I can't say about the numbers, but I think the odds are about right. The trouble is when you become sexually active at a young age, you are involved in a lot mo... Read More »
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Q: Abstinence some facts and views?
A: Although I agree with religious conservatives who want to challenge the youth to delay sexual activity for a while, I totally disagree with their message that a... Read More »
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Q: Did stories like Thecla -- the fact that the early church is urgi...
A: The fact that some young women and men wanted, on the basis of hearing these injunctions to sexual chastity, to abandon societal life, not to marry, not to have... Read More »
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Q: Facts About Abstinence.
A: Abstinence has really no physical depiction which makes it more complicated, and this is the beauty about its practice. This right here is really a puzzle. What... Read More »
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A: Sometimes I give anti-choicers too much credit. This week, when articles started cropping up on pro-fetus websites about how a government study showed comprehen... Read More »
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