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the act of accelerating; increase of speed or velocity.
a change in velocity.
Mechanics. the time rate of change of velocity with respect to magnitude or direction; the derivative of velocity with respect to time.
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Acceleration, in physics, is the rate of change of velocity of an object with respect to time. An object's acceleration is the net result of any and all forces acting on ...


Compared to displacement and velocity, acceleration is like the angry, fire- breathing dragon of motion variables. It can be violent; some people are scared of it; ...


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Because the speed is constant for such a motion, many students have the misconception that there is no acceleration. "After all," they might say, "if I were driving ...


The final mathematical quantity discussed in Lesson 1 is acceleration. An often confused quantity, acceleration has a meaning much different than the meaning ...


Acceleration definition, the act of accelerating; increase of speed or velocity. See more.


Discussion. definition. When the velocity of an object changes it is said to be accelerating. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity with time. In everyday ...


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