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Enron scandal


In Enron's natural gas business, the accounting had been fairly straightforward: in each time period, the company ...

Enron: The Fall Of A Wall Street Darling | Investopedia


Enron's collapse affected the lives of thousands of employees, many pension funds ... other operations of the company; it was called mark-to-market accounting.

The 10 Worst Corporate Accounting Scandals of All Time


Many of the biggest corporate accounting scandals in history happened during that time. ... Arthur Andersen was found guilty of fudging Enron's accounts.

NPR : Fall of Enron


Enron's financial implosion has cost thousands of employees their jobs, and leaves the ... Collapse Felt from Workers' Homes to Halls of Government ... officials willfully ignored internal warnings about the accounting irregularities even as they ...

Behind the Enron Scandal - TIME


Guilty of obstruction, Arthur Andersen becomes the first courtroom casualty of the Enron collapse...

Enron Fast Facts - CNN.com


Jul 2, 2013 ... Before its collapse, Enron marketed electricity and natural gas, delivered ... Watkins sends a memo to Kenneth Lay about accounting issues.

BBC NEWS | Business | Enron scandal at-a-glance


Aug 22, 2002 ... The things you need to know to make sense of the Enron scandal. ... as the scandal unfolded, and alleged author of the deceptive accounting ...

Enron Scandal: A Devastating Reminder of the Dangers of Debt ...


Jun 21, 2015 ... While it was the corporate accounting scandal that took down Enron, the company wouldn't have needed to cook the books if it hadn't been ...

The world's biggest accounting scandals | Business | The Guardian


Jul 21, 2015 ... Toshiba has joined the long list of corporate financial scandals, which include BCCI, Enron and Olympus.

The Enron scandal


Dec 2, 2012 ... collapse was followed by a series of revelations on how they ... from a straightforward kind of accounting were Enron had listed actual revenue ...

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The Rise and Fall of Enron - Journal of Accountancy


Enron incorporated “mark-to-market accounting” for the energy trading business in .... The scandal threatens to undermine confidence in financial markets in the ...

Enron: The real scandal - The Economist


Jan 17, 2002 ... THE collapse of Enron was spread over several months late last year, ... If this were simply a case of one accounting firm doing wrong, that ...

Enron's Collapse : The Overview; Enron Collapses as Suitor Cancels


Nov 29, 2001 ... Enron's swift collapse left the prospects of 21,000 employees in doubt and ... But Enron was undone by shaky accounting, too much borrowed ...