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Mar 29, 2017 ... We may hate to admit it, but if we're honest with ourselves, even our favorite English Bible translations can at times be clunky. Here's an ...


Information on Bible translations, the King James Version and modern Bible translations. ... Is the King James Version more accurate than modern translations?


When it comes to Bible translation, accuracy means getting as close to the original text as is possible in natural, contemporary English. It means translating with ...


Oct 7, 2016 ... Here is a list of the 'closest' Bible translations in English: 1) NASB ... holds the reputation of being the most accurate Bible translation in English.


Which Bible translations are most accurate and readable? Which translation(s) should you use in your Bible study?


May 11, 2011 ... Nowadays, there are scores of English versions of the Bible. Many people wonder how accurate these Bibles are. When people ask about the ...


Apr 27, 2006 ... The English Bible is a translation of a translation of a translation (etc.) of the original, and fresh errors were introduced in each stage of the ...


Oct 8, 2012 ... Perhaps the number one myth about Bible translation is that a ... The NIV 2011, for example, strives to be an accurate translation that is ...


What is the BEST, most accurate Bible translation? Which Scriptures should NOT be used in your studies?


The New World Translation strives to convey faithfully the original message that was inspired by God. (2 Timothy 3:16) Many translations of the Bible sacrifice ...