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Fear of the dark

When fear of the dark reaches a degree that is severe enough to be considered pathological, it is sometimes called achluophobia, nyctophobia (from Greek νυξ, ...

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Achluophobia - the fear of the dark. Although a common childhood fear, this becomes a phobia when the fear lasts into later stages of one's life. It can be ...

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Achluophobia is also known as Myctophobia, Scotophobia or Nyctophobia which is an abnormal fear of darkness. This type of phobia is often seen in young ...

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do you fear dark places? read this article to know information about achluophobia and how to get over it.

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Define Achluophobia. Achluophobia synonyms, Achluophobia pronunciation, Achluophobia translation, English dictionary definition of Achluophobia. n.

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Welcome to my site for Achluophobia. In hopes of trying to provide some helpful information, I have searched the Internet looking for information on ...

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Sep 11, 2013 ... This story is about a girl named Seha. She suffers from Achluophobia, a phobia of the dark. One fine evening she fell asleep with her Television ...

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Achluophobia. The fear of darkness - achluophobia is a common phobic disorder that degrades the quality of life significantly. The victims of such phobia often ...

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Q: What is achluophobia?
A: Achluophobia is the fear of darkness. Read More »
Q: What is Achluophobia?
A: Achluophobia is the fear of darkness, and anxiety felt when the anticipation of darkness is Read More »
Q: What is achluophobia?
A: Achluophobia,Lygophobia,Myctophobia,Nyctophobia,& Scotophobia are all fear of darkness. This is one of the most common phobias, hence so many names. Read More »
Q: What is the cure for achluophobia?
A: Achluophobia is typically treated through counseling to overcome the cause of the Read More »
Q: How do you pronounce "Achluophobia"
A: With a "k" sound for the "ch" Read More »