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Acute and obtuse triangles


An acute triangle is a triangle with all three angles acute (less than 90°). An obtuse triangle is one with one obtuse angle (greater than 90°) and two acute angles ...

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Triangles - Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene ... Acute Triangle. more ... Acute Triangle. A triangle that has all angles less than 90° (90° is a Right Angle).

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A triangle in which all three angles are acute angles. A triangle which is neither acute nor a right triangle (i.e., it has an obtuse angle) is called an obtuse triangle.

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Note: Did you know that there are different kinds of triangles? Knowing how to identify these triangles is an important part of solving many problems involving ...

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In an equiangular triangle, all the angles are equal—each one measures 60 degrees. An equiangular triangle is a kind of acute triangle, and is always ...

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Noun, 1. acute triangle - a triangle whose interior angles are all acute. acute- angled triangle · triangle, trigon, trilateral - a three-sided polygon ...

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In acute-angled triangles, all the internal angles are less than 90 degrees. An acute triangle may have the same lengths of sides or different side lengths.

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Acute triangles have NO angles greater than or equal to 90 degrees -- all their angles are less than 90 degrees. (Acute triangles ...

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Acute Triangle is a triangle with its angles less than 90 degrees...complete information about the Acute Triangle, definition of an Acute Triangle, examples of an ...

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A triangle has either two or three acute angles, depending on the type of triangle. Right and obtuse triangles have two acute angles, whereas an acute triangle ...

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Definition and properties of acute triangles. ... A triangle where all three internal angles are acute (less than 90 degrees). Try this Drag the orange dots on each ...

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In this lesson, you'll find out what makes a triangle an acute triangle. You'll also find some examples of what keeps a triangle from being acute....

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Question from Jane, a teacher: If all sides of a triangle are the same length and all angles are 60 degrees, can the triangle be called both an acute triangle and ...