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Neomyxus is a genus of ray-finned fish of mugilid mullets found in the tropical west and central Pacific Ocean. Species[edit]. There are currently two recognized species in this genus: Neomyxus chap...

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Inhabit sandy shores, tide pools and rocky surge areas (Ref. 9812). Benthopelagic (Ref. 58302). Form schools. Feed on seaweeds and some crustaceans at ...

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Jul 5, 2012 ... The Sharp-Nose/Acute-Jawed Mullet(Neomyxus leuciscus)/ Uouoa is rarely eaten because of a belief that consuming one would give you ...

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Chelon (2). Chelon labrosus. Thicklip grey mullet. Chelon planiceps. Tade gray mullet. [Nach Oben] ... Neomyxus (1). Neomyxus leuciscus. Acute jawed mullet.

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Apr 4, 2016 ... Common Name : Acute-jawed Mullet Scientific Name : Neomyxus leuciscus. Length : 46cm. Depth : 0-10m. Found : Pacific Eats : Zooplankton ...

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Mountain mullet. Fairy mullet. West Indian Ocean ... Sharp-nose river mullet. Lobed river mullet. South-Asia .... N. leuciscus. Uouoa mullet. Acute-jawed mullet.

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Mullets. Chaenomugil leuciscus acute-jawed mullet. Crenimugil crenilabrus fringelip mullet. Valamugil engeli. Engel's mullet. HOLOCENTRIDAE. Squirrelfishes ...

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Sicamugil is a genus of mugilid mullets found in rivers of South Asia and Burma ... 1872) (Acute-jawed mullet) References Froese, Rainer, and Daniel Pauly, eds  ...

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FAO names: En - Acute-jawed mullet. Diagnostic characters: A medium-sized species; body elongate. Head relatively flattened dorsally. Snout long, longer than ...

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crocodilis. Crocodile needlefish. Pa¯pa¯. 2. Acanthurus xanthopterus. Yellowfin surgeonfish. Parangi. 1. Chaenomugil leuciscus. Acute-jawed mullet. Ka'a. 1.

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Also known as the Shovel-headed Mullet. The Acute-jawed Mullet is found in the Pacific region growing up to 46cm in length. Found in schools in sheltered bays ...

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... Yellowstipe Goatfish, Finstripe Goatfish, Acute Jawed Mullet, Coral Grouper, Platypus Venom, Slow Ioris Venom, Pygmy Slow Ioris Venom, ...

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Order, Family, Species, Status, FB name, Name. Anguilliformes ...