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Dipturus is a large genus of skates native to the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. ... Fowler, 1903) (acutenose skate); Dipturus trachyderma (G. Krefft & Stehmann, 1975) (roughskin Skate); D...

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Found on sand-mud bottoms (Ref. 41299). Depth range from 80 m-150 m (Ref. 41299). Feed on invertebrates and bony fish (Ref. 9908). Oviparous. Distinct ...

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Dipturus acrobelus, Deepwater Skate; Dipturus apricus, Pale Tropical Skate ... Prickly Brown Ray; Dipturus tengu, Acutenose Skate; Dipturus trachyderma ...

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Amblyraja doellojuradoi -- Southern Thorny Skate Amblyraja ... Amblyraja georgiana -- Antarctic Starry Skate Amblyraja ... Dipturus tengu -- Acutenose Skate

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May 19, 2008 ... ... there is for Foucault–with his acute nose for pleasures taken–in the ...... describing the Winter Olympics figure-skating championships, is a ...

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Combined with the 700 or more species of rays and skates there are well over a thousand valid ...... Dipturus tengu (Jordan & Fowler, 1903)Acutenose skate.

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[Antarctic starry skate] ..... Dipturus tengu [Acutenose skate] ..... 1903, Dipturus tengu, Acutenose skate, Western Pacific, 100 TL. 1975, Dipturus trachyderma, Ray ...

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Indian Ocean. Cruriraja andamanica [Andaman leg skate] ... Central Atlantic. Cruriraja cadenati [Broadfoot leg skate] ..... Dipturus tengu [Acutenose skate] ...

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Wear protective headgear while playing contact sports, or riding bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, or rollerblades. Use seat belts and appropriate car seats ...

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The “winged sharks” under Subclass Elasmobranchii are the skates and rays including guitarfishes, sawfishes ...... Goblin skate, tengu skate, acutenose skate.

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Dipturus acrobelus [Deepwater skate] ... Dipturus apricus [Pale tropical skate] .... 1903, Dipturus tengu, Acutenose skate, Western Pacific, 100 TL. 1975, Dipturus ...

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skate Chinese translation::滑冰…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition ... acutenose skate: 尖鼻鳐; big skate: 大灰鳐(鱼); 大鳐; bill skate: 比史 特 ...