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Dipturus is a large genus of skates native to the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. ... Fowler, 1903) (acutenose skate); Dipturus trachyderma (G. Krefft & Stehmann, 1975) (roughskin Skate); D...

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Bottomfish Identification: Sharks, Skates and Ratfishes. Longnose Skate Raja rhina. Commonly caught in the commercial fishery off the Washington coast with  ...

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Amblyraja doellojuradoi [Southern thorny skate] ... Photo by Reyes, P. Amblyraja georgiana [Antarctic starry skate] ..... Dipturus tengu [Acutenose skate] ...

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Dipturus acrobelus, Deepwater Skate; Dipturus apricus, Pale Tropical Skate ... Prickly Brown Ray; Dipturus tengu, Acutenose Skate; Dipturus trachyderma ...

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... governing body for each sport, such as USA Swimming, or the United States Figure Skating Association. .... His acute nose picked up the smell of the chlorine.

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Combined with the 700 or more species of rays and skates there are well over a thousand valid ...... Dipturus tengu (Jordan & Fowler, 1903)Acutenose skate.

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Amblyraja doellojuradoi -- Southern Thorny Skate Amblyraja ... Amblyraja georgiana -- Antarctic Starry Skate Amblyraja ... Dipturus tengu -- Acutenose Skate

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Skates and Rays of the Japanese Archipelago Dipturus tengu (Jordan & Fowler, 1903) Tengu-kasube, Acutenose skate. Dipturus tengu: a female of 60 cm DW, ...

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Family ARHYNCHOBATIDAE – SOFTNOSE SKATES. Arhynchobatis .... Caribbean skate. Dipturus tengu (Jordan & Fowler, 1903), Acutenose or tengu skate.

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May 19, 2008 ... ... there is for Foucault–with his acute nose for pleasures taken–in the ...... describing the Winter Olympics figure-skating championships, is a ...

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Max. Length 137.1 cm TL. Dipturus acrobelus [Deepwater skate] ... Length 76.5 cm TL. Dipturus apricus [Pale tropical skate] .... Dipturus tengu [Acutenose skate]  ...

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Raja rhina. This angular skate has a very pointed snout and triangle pectorals fins, with lobed pelvic fins alongside a stout tail. It is a dark brown, deal for living ...

Identification guide and biology of the Falkland Islands skates.


1. Figure 1 Technical terms and measurements used in the study of skates (from Steehmann & Burkel, 1990). Page 3. 2. Key to species of Rajidae found in the ...