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Liopropoma is a genus of small to medium-small groupers found worldwide in tropical oceans. ... Liopropoma africanum J. L. B. Smith, 1954 (African basslet); Liopropoma aragai J. E. Randall & L. ...

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Randall, J.E. and L. Taylor, 1988. Review of the Indo-Pacific fishes of the serranid genus Liopropoma, with descriptions of seven new species. Indo-Pac. Fish.

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Fish / African Reef / Liopropoma africanum / Wild Basslets . Quality Marine is well -renowned for the finest quality supply of marine fish in the Americas. Having ...

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May 3 2016, Jake Adams –. Serranus pulcher is a new species of basslet from the east Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. It's been a good long while ...

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Mar 3, 2016 ... Orange African Lyretail Anthias SA. Out of Stock. Pink Square Anthias. Out of Stock. Basslets. Royal Gramma. In Stock. Scribbled Basslet.

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Species There are currently 31 recognized species of this genus: Liopropoma aberrans Poey , 1860 Liopropoma africanum J. L. B. Smith , 1954 (African basslet ) ...

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The African Basslet. To 8 cm. East African coast to Sumatra. http://www.fishbase. org/summary/Species · Summary.php?genusname=Liopropoma&species

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Liopropoma aberrans · Liopropoma africanum, African Basslet; Liopropoma aragai · Liopropoma aurora, Yellowmargin Basslet; Liopropoma carmabi, Candy  ...

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Dottybacks are a group of small, colorful basslet-like fish that inhabit the crevices and small caves of the coral reef. They have been popular with aquarists since ...

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Basslets and Dottybacks are a relatively small fish however they should be kept with moderately semi-aggressive fish that can fend for themselves. Both species.

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These benthic Reef Basslets are in the Genus Liopropoma, with many looking similarly ... Liopropoma africanum (African Basslet) Suitable for Reef Aquariums ...

Liopropoma emanueli is a stunning pink and yellow basslet from Africa


September 17 2012, Jake Adams –. Liopropoma emanueli is the latest new species of the popular basslet genus to be described, and along with it comes news ...

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Dear backers, While our Kickstarter campaign is still running, our product team is fully focused on bringing the Basslet to you on time. A few weeks ago we have ...