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African-American culture


African-American culture, also known as Black-American culture, in the United States refers to the cultural contributions of African Americans to the culture of the  ...

A New African-American Culture [ushistory.org]


When immigrants reach a new land, their old ways die hard. This has been the case with most immigrant groups to the New World. The language, customs ...

5 things to know about black culture now - CNN.com


Feb 25, 2014 ... Filmmaker Justin Simien writes that what's sanctioned as "authentically black" in popular culture doesn't always reflect actual black experience.

National Museum of African American History and Culture


Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, opening on the national Mall in 2015.

Home - Celebrating African American Culture & History - LibGuides ...


Jan 27, 2016 ... African-American culture, also known as black culture, in the United States refers to the cultural contributions of Americans of African descent to ...

African-American History and Culture (Library of Congress ...


This publication describes the collections of the Library of Congress with respect to manuscripts.

Houston Museum of African American Culture – A Museum for ALL ...


Thank you for visiting the Houston Museum of African American Culture. We are currently updating our website. HOURS OF OPERATION: Sunday-Tuesday: ...

Black Americans Don't 'Appropriate' African Culture - The Root


Sep 14, 2015 ... Other times, we're left with the divisiveness that Zipporah Gene penned as she told black Americans to stop appropriating “African” culture.

America's Cultural Roots Traced to Enslaved African Ancestors


Enslaved Africans left their cultural stamp on other aspects of American culture. Southern American speech patterns, for instance, are heavily influenced by the ...

African American Elders, Cultural Traditions, and the Family Reunion


Nov 18, 2011 ... The family has been the bedrock of African American culture from times of slavery through the tumultuous days of mandated racial segregation.

African-American culture is a unique and dynamic culture that has had and continues to have a profound impact on mainstream American culture, as well as the culture of the broader world.
From the struggles of the civil rights movement to the injustices of the Jim Crow era, each moment in African American history has shaped the face of modern America.