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Joining the Air Force: Commissioned Officer Overview -

BASIC REQUIREMENTS. STEP. In order to join the U.S. Air Force as a commissioned officer, you must: • Be between 18 and 48 years of age (varies among ...

Contact Us: Frequently Asked Questions -

What are the height & weight requirements to join? What is the Air Force's policy on ... What is the cut-off age to join the Air Force? What must I score on the ...

Air Force raises enlistee age limit from 27 to 39 - Air Force - Stripes

Jun 25, 2014 ... The Air Force raised the maximum age for enlisted accession from 27 ... looked into joining the AF, I was already 28 and the age limit was 27,” ...

Are You Eligible to Join the Military? |

For each branch, there are slightly different enlistment requirements: .... Is it true that the Air Force has increased the age limit to join from 27 to 34?

Eligibility - Air Force Reserve

You have to join after you turn 17 or before you turn 39, in most cases. ... if you served in a military branch for six years, you could join up through about age 46. ... A requirement for all military personnel, including those in the Air Force Reserve ...

30-something? It's not too late to enlist | Air Force Times ...

Jun 26, 2014 ... The Air Force Reserve is also raising its age limit for enlistees without prior ... page from people in their late 30s who are interested in joining.

What is the Maximum Age Limit for Each Branch of the Military ...

For example, if one has 4 years of credible service in the Army and if they are looking to join the Air Force, but are past the age of 27 but are not more than 31 ...

Requirements to Join the Air Force - U.S. Air Force -

Note: Prior service applicants should contact their local recruiter for age cut-offs. Request Information About Joining. Citizenship Enlistment into the U.S. Air ...

US Military Enlistment Standards -- Age Limits

The Army experimented with raising the age limit to age 42 for a brief period of time ... of credible military service in the Marine Corps and wants to join the Air Force. The Air Force could waive the individual's maximum enlistment age to age 31 ...

Air Force Enlistment Age Raised: Good ASVAB Scores Needed

The Air Force has raised the maximum age for enlistment from 27 to 39. ... If you are over the age of 27 and want to join the Air Force then this is your year to get ...

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Q: What is the age limit to join air force ROTC?
A: To join the Air Force ROTC, you must be at least 17yrs old and less Read More »
Q: Is there an age limit to join the Air Force?
A: 17 is the youngest you can enlist and you need parental consent. At 18 you can enlist on your own. The maximum age is 27 for the Air Force. Source(s) http://usm... Read More »
Q: What is the maximum age limit to join the air force?
A: Active duty Air Force - 27. Air Force Reserve - 34. Read More »
Q: What is the age limit for joining the air force?
A: For the Air Force the mximum age is 27, with no prior military service. If you were a doctor or a nurse then they could possibly waive that age, but not for tec... Read More »
Q: What is the age limit for joining the US Air force?
A: To enlist in the Air Force, you must be between age 18 and 27. In Read More »