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U.S. Air Force - Meet requirements


Age requirements vary depending on the path you choose to take. Plan the ... To join as an Officer, you cannot be younger than 18 or older than 34 years of age.

Air Force raises enlistee age limit from 27 to 39 - Air Force - Stripes


Jun 25, 2014 ... The Air Force raised the maximum age for enlisted accession from 27 ... looked into joining the AF, I was already 28 and the age limit was 27,” ...

Are You Eligible to Join the Military? | Military.com


For each branch, there are slightly different enlistment requirements: To join the... You must: Air Force. Be between the ages of 17-27. *; Have no more than two ...

Air Force Raises Enlistee Age Limit From 27 to 39 | Military.com


Jun 25, 2014 ... The Air Force raised the maximum age for enlisted accession from 27 ... looked into joining the AF, I was already 28 and the age limit was 27," ...

Air Force Enlistment Age Raised: Good ASVAB Scores Needed


ASVAB Air Force minimum score requirements for enlistment at an older age have ... If you are over the age of 27 and want to join the Air Force then this is your ...

Enlistment age limit raised to 39 - Military Times Forums


This was posted on the Air Force Recruiting Facebook page. ... The older they are when they join, the fewer years retirement checks will have to ... I took a look at the website and it says they've risen the age limit from 27 to 39.

How Old is Too Old to Join? | Military.com


SGT Volkin, I am joining the military at 34 years old. I used to run a ... I am 40 years old and want to serve my country; with the new military age limit, I now have my chance. Will the younger ... Air Force Height and Weight Standards. We were ...

Requirements and Commitments | Air National Guard


To join the Air Guard as an officer, you must be a U.S. citizen between 17 and 34 ... and pass the Air Force Officers Qualification Test (AFOQT), a medical exam, and ... (combined, Active and participating Guard or Reserve) before the age of 60.

New Recruits | Air National Guard


The age limit exceeds 40 for medical professionals and chaplains. ... Those interested in joining the Air Guard who have never served before must be between ...

Prior Service | Air National Guard


Those interested in joining the Air Guard who have previously served are required ... The age limit varies for Health Professionals, Chaplains and certain other Prior ... If you are prior Air Force and your ASVAB scores are valid, you most likely ...

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U.S. Air Force - Officer Process


When you join the Air Force with a college degree, you can enter as an officer and a leader. ... Be between 18 and 34 years of age. ... a selective process to ensure they meet our requirements and have what it takes to become an officer.

What is the Maximum Age Limit for Each Branch of the Military ...


For example, if one has 4 years of credible service in the Army and if they are looking to join the Air Force, but are past the age of 27 but are not more than 31 ...

Answers To the Top Air Force Questions | Military.com


What is the cut-off age for joining the Air Force? ... What are some benefits of joining? .... Contact an Air Force Recruiter for the latest OTS requirements.