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Aichmophobia (pronounced īk-mō-fō′bē-ă]) is a kind of specific phobia, the morbid fear of sharp things, such as pencils, needles, knives, a pointing finger, ...

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noun aich·mo·pho·bia \ˌāk-mə-ˈfō-bē-ə, -mō-\. Medical Definition of AICHMOPHOBIA. : a morbid fear of sharp or pointed objects (as a needle or a pointing ...

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Aichmophobia is characterized by an extreme and irrational fear of sharp things such as pencils, knifes, needles, protruding corners or even a pointing finger or ...
Others are afraid of pins and needles. Mageirocophobia , or the fear of cooking, is sometimes related to aichmophobia. Many people with a fear of sharp knives attempt to chop vegetables or debone meat with a dull knife, vastly increasing the chances that the knife wil... More »
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aichmophobia (uncountable). The fear of needles and other pointed or sharp objects. [quotations ▽]. 1977, George W. Kisker, The disorganized personality.

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Welcome to my site for Aichmophobia. In hopes of trying to provide some helpful information, I have searched the Internet looking for information on ...

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Aichmophobia is a specific phobia which is defined as an abnormal and morbid fear of sharp objects such as knives, needles, and pencils. This type of phobia is  ...

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Q: What is aichmophobia?
A: its the fear of sharp objects Read More »
Q: What is aichmophobia?
A: ( ′āk·mō′fōb·ē·ə ) (psychology) Abnormal fear of sharp or pointed objects. Read More »
Q: What is aichmophobia?
A: Aichmophobia (n. is a fear of being touched by a finger or pointed object. Read More »
Q: Why people have aichmophobia?
A: mostly people have aichmopobia from a childhood meomory that involved the object for me its needles and becuase of somthing that happened from my past i am know... Read More »
Q: What is the pronunciation of aichmophobia?
A: Aichmophobia (pronounced [ik-mo-fo-bia] is a kind of specific phobia, the Read More »