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The Akbash Dog is native to western Turkey and it is primarily used as a livestock guardian dog ... Akbash Dogs may be shown in American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) shows, and in International All Breed Canine Association ( IABCA) ...


Akbash Dogs -- Beautiful, reliable partners in defense. When it ... A prominent llama breeder advised us that once you are under predation, it's too late for llamas.


Buyers Please Note: The breeders listed below are members in good standing and as such are expected to conform to the ADI Code of Ethics. However, under ...


He is also a flock guardian in this country, but he can be a family companion or show dog as well. The Akbash has many good qualities, but he is not the easiest  ...


drew with dog. Find an Akbash or mix near you to adopt. Why find an Akbash for sale when you can adopt? See photos of cute Akbashs to rescue in your area.


Babydoll Southdowns are a small and docile breed of sheep that make excellent pets or 4H ... The Akbash Dog is an elegant rare breed from Western Turkey.


Akbash Dog - a purebred, giant dog from Turkey with a typical lifespan of 12 years, ... Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, ...


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A list of breeders using standards established by the Akbash Dog Association of America.