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The Appointments Clause does not invalidate the independent-counsel provisions of the Ethics in Government Act.


[ Footnote * ] A brief of amici curiae urging reversal was filed for the State of Connecticut et al. by John J. Kelly, Chief State's Attorney of Connecticut, Charles M.


Brendan V. Sullivan, Jr., Barry S. Simon, Jacob A. Stein, and Robert F. Muse filed a brief for appellees Schmults et al. Solicitor General Fried argued the cause ...


Sep 3, 2014 ... In their review, Bilhartz et al. note a significant association between early musical instruction and spatial-temporal reasoning abilities. .... “playing an instrument” versus “no history of playing an instrument. .... Matthew D. Albaugh, Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and ... Bilhartz TD, Bruhn RA, Olson JE.


Apr 10, 2014 ... depending on the molecular and cellular context (Yuan et al.,. 2013). However, the ..... (Feldman et al., 2013; Madsen and Olsen, 2012). Additionally, ... tially lower efficiency than acetylation (Albaugh et al., 2011). Importantly, the ..... Rossi, C., De Laurenzi, V., Di Ilio, C., and Favaloro, B. (2010). Methionine.


Jan 8, 2014 ... The BAI has been found to be valid and highly reliable (Beck et al., 1988). ..... ( Muris and Ollendick, 2005; Muris et al., 2007 ; Olson et al., 2005). .... Hudziak, K.N. Botteron, M.D. Albaugh, T.-V. Nguyen, S. Karama, A.C. Evans.


Nov 2, 2015 ... Watch a CNN Special Report with Gloria Borger: "Bush v. Gore: The Endless Election," Monday at 9 p.m. ET. (CNN) It's been a trip in a time ...


Nov 2, 2015 ... Photos: Bush v. Gore: Where are they now? Then: Al Gore, vice president at the time, won the Democratic nomination in the 2000 campaign.


From Li M, Chen WD, Papadopoulos N, et al. Sensitive digital quantification of DNA ..... versus fecal occult blood for colorectal-cancer screening in an .... Albaugh GP, Iyengar V, Lohani A, et al. Isolation ... Olson J, Whitney DH, Durkee K, et al.


03/15/17, 16-06018, TLM, North Sky Communications v. Ivie (In re Ivie) ... 06/16/ 16, 15-01580, TLM, In re Olson, MD. 06/03/16 .... 09/04/14, 11-8025-11-8026, JDP, Johnson, et al v. Estay, MD ...... 09/18/06, 05-6069, JDP, Albaugh v. Barnard  ...