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Biocentrism (ethics)


Biocentric ethics includes Albert Schweitzer's ethics of "Reverence for Life", Peter Singer's ethics of Animal Liberation and Paul Taylor (philosopher)'s ethics of ...

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Albert Schweitzer (1989), Kenneth Goodpaster (1978), Robin Attfield (1983), and ... Anglo-American biocentric environmental ethics with Schweitzer's version.

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Albert Schweitzer's ethics ofreverence for life is more ... At the same time, Schweitzer's ethic has four ... biocentric ethics locates inherent worth in living things.

Ethical aspects of animal experiments and the principle of solidarity


The question of the ethical acceptabil- ity of scientific ... Albert Schweitzer developed the concept of radical biocentrism, which includes all forms of life in the ...

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Synthesizing elements of classical virtue ethics with Albert Schweitzer's reverence for life ethic ... Taylor (1986) develops an egalitarian biocentric ethic. Taylor ...

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Feb 1, 2013 ... Certain Eastern religions, such as Jainism (see Jain Ethics), are ... Western thinker to advocate biocentrism was Albert Schweitzer, who, in his ...

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Albert Schweitzer's “reverence-for-life” ethic is based on the 19th-century ... Kenneth Goodpaster offers the most conceptually nuanced biocentric ethic, defining ...

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Ethical extensionism is an approach to environmental and animal ethics in which the scope of ethical .... Albert Schweitzer took the Kantian respect-for-persons ethic and expanded it into a ... account of interests to defend a biocentric ethic.

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The field of environmental ethics concerns human beings' ethical relationship with the ..... While Albert Schweitzer can be regarded as the most prominent ...

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Biocentrism is the most appropriate ethical framework for microorganisms, and the most ... As the last great philosopher of the will, Albert Schweitzer rejected the  ...

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Q: How is Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s ethic Reverence of Life practiced ...
A: HAS is a working hospital with many of the challenges common to health and human service facilities with limited resources around the world. While HAS continues... Read More »
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II - Biocentric Ethical Theories - Mouchang Yu, Yi Lei. ©Encyclopedia ... Keywords: Aldo Leopold, Albert Schweitzer, animal liberation, animal rights, biocentrism ...



(Regan is not bio-centric as he does not think all living things have inherent worth .) precursor of a biocentric ethics is Albert Schweitzer's "reverence for life" ...

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Unit 3 Handout 1: DesJardin's Environmental Ethics. Chapter 6 ... Biocentric Ethics and the Reverence for Life ... An early Biocentric thinker: Albert Schweitzer .

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Feb 20, 2015 ... Biocentrism, ethical perspective holding that all life deserves equal moral ... Schweitzer, Albert [Credit: Karsh—Rapho/Photo Researchers] ...