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In bartending, the term "straight up" (or "up") refers to an alcoholic drink that is shaken or stirred with ice and then strained and ...

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Glossary of information on over 1500 beverages, both alcoholic and non- alcoholic.

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An alcoholic beverage made from citrus and herbs that is typically used as a ... A mixed drink, usually made from vodka, whisky, rum, gin or tequila mixed with ...

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ABV – alcohol by volume; a measure of how much alcohol is in an alcoholic beverage. Advocaat – a Dutch emulsion liqueur made with egg yolks, sugar and  ...

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The 25 alcohol words you should know are broken down into basic ordering, dressing up a drink, and actually knowing what you are drinking. Basic Ordering  ...

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Akvavit (Aquavit) - A Scandinavian liquor distilled from grain or potatoes. ... Aperitif – A French term referring to a light alcoholic drink taken before a meal to ...

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noun. (uncountable) An intoxicating beverage made by the fermentation of sugar or sugar-containing material. (context, organic chemistry, countable) Any of a ...

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Alcoholism - continued excessive or compulsive use of alcoholic drinks; a chronic , progressive, potentially fatal, psychological and nutritional disorder ...

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Collection of mixed drink ingredients with their definitions and pictures. Glossary of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients starting with the letter A.

The 49 Bits of Booze Jargon Every Drinker Needs To Know - Gizmodo


Jun 15, 2012 ... People call any mixed drink a cocktail, but that's not actually accurate. Sugar, water, spirits, bitters. Technically a cocktail needs those four ...

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Comprehensive list of bartending terminology, including most of the bar terms ... A tall drink of any liquor served in a collins or highball glass with shaved or ...

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Oct 28, 2015 ... A large plant indigenous to Mexico that looks like a cross between a giant pineapple and a cactus. The plant is actually a member of the lily ...

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Method: Mix equal parts vodka and Tabasco sauce in a shot glass. Carefully ignite it with a lighter. It may be necessary to warm the drink a bit to get it to burn.