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Abdopus aculeatus is a small octopus species in the order Octopoda. A. aculeatus has the common name of algae octopus due to its typical resting camouflage, ...


Find out what's known about Algae Octopuses, Abdopus aculeatus, Cephalopoda, Octopoda, Octopodidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...


Photos and description of Algae Octopus (Abdopus aculeatus), critter at Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Red octopus are thought to be clever animals. In 2012, a tiny juvenile hitchhiked into the Aquarium on a sponge, and hid in one of our exhibits for a year before ...

Feb 15, 2007 ... From: Underwater Bipedal Locomotion by Octopuses in Disguise by Christine L. Huffard, Farnis Boneka, Robert J. Full Octopus aculeatus ...
Mar 12, 2016 ... Was lucky enough to see several species of Octopus in Lembeh Strait, including this wonderful Algae Octopus. A true master of camouflage.


I recently purchased a small algae octopus. I've been hand feeding krill/ silversides and threw a few snails and hermits in the tank as well, but I ...


Mar 25, 2005 ... The coconuts and clumps of algae are really octopuses walking on two arms and using their six non-walking arms to camouflage themselves ...


Adventures and Discoveries with the Planet's Smartest Cephalopods.


by Fox Meyer. Squids, octopuses, and cuttlefishes are among the few animals in the world that can change the color of their skin in the blink of an eye.