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Algae is an informal term for a large, diverse group of photosynthetic organisms which are not necessarily closely related and are thus polyphyletic. Included ...

Algae Basics - All About Algae


What are Algae? Algae are simple plants that can range from the microscopic ( microalgae), to large seaweeds (macroalgae), such as giant kelp more than one  ...

Why are there so many toxic algae blooms this year - CNBC.com


1 day ago ... There are several massive harmful algae blooms in the news. Blooms are natural , but there are unnatural factors making them more common ...

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Algae definition, any of numerous groups of chlorophyll-containing, mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms ranging from microscopic single-celled forms to ...

Introduction to the Green Algae


The "green algae" is the most diverse group of algae, with more than 7000 species growing in a variety of habitats. The "green algae" is a paraphyletic group ...

Reeking, Oozing Algae Closes South Florida Beaches - The New ...


Jul 1, 2016 ... A green and blue algae bloom has overtaken a small neighborhood marina and other parts of the St. Lucie River in Stuart, Fla. Credit Greg ...

Latest algae bloom, in Discovery Bay, threatens way of life - SFGate


1 day ago ... Colorful blobs of algae in some Bay Area lakes have prompted health ... of blue- green algae this week, they are awaiting the results of more ...

Algaebase :: Listing the World's Algae


Information on the algae of the world, including terrestrial, marine, and freshwater forms. Search by genus, species, or common name. Includes images and ...

What are Algae? - Encyclopedia of Life


The highly varied group of organisms we call "algae" includes terrestrial algae, snow algae, seaweeds, phytoplankton, and "pond scums" (which are composed  ...

Planktonic Algae « AQUAPLANT


Planktonic algae are floating microscope plants that are normal and essential inhabitants of sunlit surface waters. There are literally millions of floating ...

any of numerous groups of chlorophyll-containing, mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms ranging from microscopic single-celled forms to multicellular forms 100 feet (30 meters) or more long, distinguished from plants by the absence of true roots, stems, and leaves and by a lack of nonreproductive cells in the reproductive structures: classified into the six phyla Euglenophyta, Crysophyta, Pyrrophyta, Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta, and Rhodophyta.
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algae | Define algae at Dictionary.com
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