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In mathematics, an algebraic expression is an expression built up from integer constants, variables, and the algebraic operations For example, 3 x 2 − 2 x y + c ...

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If x is 2, then the expression 9 + x has a value of 11. If x is 6, then the expression has a value of 15. So 9 + x is an algebraic expression. In the next few examples,  ...

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Like other exercises in this tutorial, we're rewriting statements into algebraic expression. This time we have to choose which is the correct one among those ...

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Homework Help | Algebra | The Basics of Algebra, Email this page to a friend ... Evaluating expressions ... First Glance, In Depth, Examples, Workout.

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By “simplifying” an algebraic expression, we mean writing it in the most compact or efficient manner, without changing the ... Example: x<sup>2</sup> + 2x + 3x<sup>2</sup> + 2 + 4x + 7.

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Translating Word Problems: Examples (page 2 of 2). Sections: Keywords, Worked examples ... Translate "the sum of 8 and y" into an algebraic expression.

1. Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions


Dec 31, 2014 ... This section explains how to add and subtract algebra expressions, with several examples.

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... and exponents. Why do we use letters in algebra? ... Writing algebraic expressions. ALGEBRA IS A ... If a represents 10, for example and b represents 2 , then ...

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Dec 31, 2014 ... This section explains how to multiply algebra expressions. Includes several examples to help you understand.

3. Division of Algebraic Expressions - Interactive Mathematics


Dec 31, 2014 ... This section explains how to divide expressions in algebra, and includes several examples to help understanding.

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Writing Algebraic Equations is presented by Math Goodies. ... Let's look at some examples of writing algebraic equations. ... Writing Algebraic Expressions.

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Pre-Algebra giving you a hard time? Shmoop's free Basic Algebra Guide has all the explanations, examples, and exercises you've been craving.

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Now that you've studied the three detailed examples for Simplfying Algebraic Expressions, you are ready to try some on your own! If you haven't studied this ...