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Differential roles of RIPK1 and RIPK3 in TNF-induced necroptosis ...


Feb 12, 2015 ... Moreover, Murphy et al. show that two MLKL mutations found in human .... Assay (Promega), or FACS using propidium iodide and Annexin V-FITC. ..... Farfel- Becker T, Meshcheriakova A, Ali M, Klein AD et al. ... [PMC free article] [PubMed]; 62Tu HC, Ren D, Wang GX, Chen DY, Westergard TD, Kim H et al.

Comparison of alterations in amino acids content in cultured ... - NCBI


Jan 31, 2009 ... ... and 27% in astrocytes treated with 1 or 10 μM MeHg (p<0.05 vs. control), .... It is particularly important in neurons (Fitzpatrick et al., 1983; ... (Ali et al., 1992; Sorg et al., 1998; Shanker et al., 2005; Kaur et al., ..... [PubMed]; Peng L, Hertz L, Huang R, Sonnewald U, Petersen SB, Westergaard N, Larsson O...

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and the PPARb/d ligands GW501516 and GW0742 (reviewed in Peraza et al. 2006). In addition to .... fetal rat epidermis following treatment with a PPARa ligand (Komuves et al. 1998). .... 2001; Westergaard et al. ... in other cell types ( Ali et al. 2005; Di ..... GA et al. (2005) Role of prostacyclin receptor versus PPARb with.

Sex-Determining Mechanisms in Land Plants - The Plant Cell


The genetic model of sex determination in Ceratopteris (Strain et al., 2001) is ... related to the consequences of variable versus fixed sex ratios can be tested easily, at least .... Early cytogenetic studies of sex-determining mutants in S. latifolia led Westergaard ..... Richards, D.E., King, K.E., Ait-ali, T., and Harberd, N.P. (20...

Subcellular distribution of the prion protein in sickness and in health


Feb 12, 2015 ... For a review of PrP<sup>C</sup> trafficking, see Campana et al. ... resistant to infectious prion disease (Lewis et al., 2009 and Westergard et al., 2011). ..... Anantharam et al., 2008; V. Anantharam, A. Kanthasamy, C.J. Choi, D.P. Martin, .... Ritzel, G. Bhinder, B. Roy, K.B. Tierney, D.W. Ali, A.J. Waskiewicz, W.T. Allison.

Subgingival microbial profiles of Sudanese patients with aggressive ...


Dec 9, 2014 ... H. R. Z. Elabdeen<sup>1</sup>,; M. Mustafa<sup>1</sup>,; H. Hasturk<sup>2</sup>,; V. Klepac-Ceraj<sup>3,4</sup>,; R. W. Ali<sup>5</sup>,; B. J. Paster<sup>3,6</sup>,; T. Van Dyke<sup>2</sup> and; A. I. Bolstad<sup>1,*</sup>. Version of ..... The procedures of Haffajee et al. ..... Haubek D, Dirienzo J, Westergaard J et al.

Regulation of the heat shock transcriptional response: cross talk ...


1990, 1994a; Baeuerle 1995; Baeuerle and Baltimore 1996; Feige et al. ..... Molecular chaperones such as Hsp90 have also been shown to have a role in maintaining HSF1 in an inert state (Ali et al. ..... Chen Y.,; Barlev N.A.,; Westergaard O.,; Jakobsen B.K. ..... Mezger V.,; Rallu M.,; Morimoto R.I.,; Morange M.,; Renard J.P..

Is abnormal vaginal microflora a risk factor for intrauterine fetal ...


Carey et al. analyzed cultures from the vagina and cervix of 4934 pregnant women and ... lower in infants of women with BV than in infants of women without BV (3 408 g vs. ..... [25]; P. Thorsen, I. Vogel, J. Olsen, B. Jeune, J.G. Westergaard , B. Jacobsson, et al. ... [32]; T.H. Rizvi, F. Hassan, S. Sayeed, Shah Sultan Sher Ali.

Comparison of the effects and complications of unilateral spinal ...


Seyyed Mostafa Moosavi Tekye,; Mohammad Alipour<sup>,</sup> ..... Atef et al. reported no urinary retention after unilateral spinal anesthesia with 5 mg of hyperbaric bupivacaine, while in their study, ... 13; H.M. Povey, J. Jacobsen, J. Westergaard- Nielsen ... al. Bilateral vs unilateral spinal anesthesia for out patient knee arthroscopies.

Astrocytes and Brain Injury


Several groups (Garcia et al., 1993; Martin et al., 1997; Liu et al., 1999) have ..... and physical disruption of astrocyte—endothelial junctions (Westergaard et al., ... In contrast, IL6 has been shown to protect against ischemic and excitotoxic injury (Maeda et al., 1994; Ali et al., ..... Dodson RF,; Chu LW,; Welch KM,; Achar VS.

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Ligand Activation of Peroxisome Proliferator–Activated Receptor β/δ ...


Jul 12, 2008 ... For example, PPARα is highly expressed in the liver (Auboeuf et al., 1997; ... et al ., 2006; Vosper et al., 2003; Werling et al., 2001; Westergaard et al., 2001) ... a variety of model systems (Ali et al., 2005; Burdick et al., 2007; Di Loreto et al., ..... Role of prostacyclin receptor versus PPAR{beta} with treprostin...

Female Infertility - EBSCO


Thys-Jacobs S, Donovan D, Papadopoulos A, et al. Vitamin ... Ali AFM, Awadallah A. Bee propolis versus placebo in the treatment of infertitily associated with minimal or mild endometriosis: a pilot ... Westergaard LG, Mao Q, Krogslund M, et al.

Manganese exposure and induced oxidative stress in the rat brain By


implicated in oxidative stress (Stokes et al., 2000; DeSole et al., 1997), as well as disturbance of .... Ali et al. (1995) demonstrated that manganese injected in vivo and exposure of brain regions to ... 1971; Westergaard et al., 1995; Ottersen et al. , 1992). ... manganese concentrations in the neonatal vs. adult brain (Fig.