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List of Chinese martial arts


Kung fu (功夫) Shifu (師傅) Waijia (外家) Chin Na (擒拿) Fa jin (發勁) Neigong ( 內功) Neijia (內 ... Jow-Ga Kung Fu (周...

The 5 Kung Fu Animal Styles of the Chinese Martial Arts – - Black Belt


Mar 21, 2011 ... The 5 Kung Fu Animal Styles of the Chinese Martial Arts ... or two fingers—or, in the case of the spearhand, all of them—to attack and defend

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Apr 17, 2012 ... The tiger claw incorporates the use of all five fingers as well as the palm. When using ... What other styles of animal can you get in Kung Fu?.

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Bafaquan - Eight Methods Baguazhang (Bagua Zhang) - Eight Trigrams Palm Bajiquan - Eight Extremes Fist Bak Mei - White Eyebrow Black Tiger Kung Fu

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Dec 18, 2013 ... Kung fu can be as varied as the food selection at a Chinese buffet. ... Regardless of what style you want to learn, all promote better health, ...

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The identity of kung fu is diverse; over 1,000 styles are known or recognized. From kung fu came Karate, Escrima, and most important, a way of thinking that ...

Kung Fu: A Brief History and Style Guide - About Martial Arts


In that sense, the history of kung fu is embedded in the culture of China. ... A History and Style Guide of Kung Fu ... 10 Best Basketball Players of All Time.

Shaolin Animal Styles - American Shaolin Kung Fu


Tiger style is one of Power, Directness and Simplicity. It's primary target is the opponent's throat and it's primary weapons are it's fist and claws. All of it's efforts  ...

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Kung Fu Styles List Kung Fu Resources. ... I can't lay claim to singlehandedly writing it all out either,it came from various sources ...

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different styles of kung fu, Chinese martial arts. ... External kungfu includes Shaolin Kungfu and all its derived styles. It is important to bear in mind that this ...

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Kung Fu Animal Styles | Martial Arts Fighting Techniques | Self ...


Mar 31, 2011 ... Although some animal kung fu styles, like the 10,000 bee technique, originated from animal confrontations or animal-related work (like the fish ...

Chinese Kung Fu, Martial Arts: History, Types, Masters, Movies and ...


Styles including Shaolin, Tai Chi and Qigong have many followers worldwide. Some westerners think that all Chinese people are Kung Fu masters. That's not ...

From Shaolin Temple to Bruce Lee - 100 Kungfu Styles of the Past ...


From Shaolin Temple to Bruce Lee - 100 Kungfu Styles of the Past Millenium ... As their practitioners, we all bear the honor and the responsibility to bring them ...