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1. A. B. C. D.All of the following are tasks performed by the operating system EXCEPT: managing hardware on the computer. controlling the...

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Mar 11, 2014 ... The type of software that sits on top of the operating system and utilizes .... The computer function where output is saved for later use is known as ... US piracy by just 10 percent will have all of the following benefits EXCEPT:.

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Jan 9, 2010 ... The operating system does all the basic things that a computer needs to do ... an operating system must be able perform the following functions:.

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Popular motherboard manufacturers include all of the following EXCEPT ... What is the amount of amps and volts needed by a particular device to function called? .... During a(n) ____ installation, the new operating system can be installed into ...

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Feb 2, 2014 ... Operating Systems MCQ Questions - This page lists 100 multiple choice questions from different ... All of the following are task performed by the operating system except. a. ... Which one of the following is not the function of Operating System? ... The following applications may appear on system tray except.

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The design of all built-in operating system dependent modules of Python is such that ... All functions in this module raise OSError in the case of invalid or ... The following names have currently been registered: 'posix' , 'nt' , 'os2' , 'ce' , 'java' , ' riscos' . ... in os.environ , exce...

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The two types of system software are operating systems and utility programs. An operating system (OS) is a set of programs containing instructions that coordinate all the ... Most operating systems perform similar functions that include managing .... Discuss the purpose of the following utilities: file viewer, file compression, ...

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All of the following statements are true except one. Which one is FALSE ... Which of the following is NOT a function of an Operating System? A. Managing files. B.

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Linux is an operating system, a software program that controls your computer. ... of your PC has failed, you may not understand the function of an operating system. .... or written all the major components of the GNU operating system except for ...

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An operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer. It manages the computer's memory and processes, as well as all of its software and  ...

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Operating Systems ... _ controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by ... Almost all games are compatible with Windows.

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A computer system performs all of the following basic functions EXCEPT: A. output. B. input. ... When two systems share a boundary, the output of one subsystem can be the ______ for another subsystem. ... D. operating system. Answer: A.

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An operating system has three main functions: (1) manage the computer's resources, ... Furthermore, all input and output operations, although invoked by an ...