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However, job specialization typically results in worker boredom and dissatisfaction. To promote career development, alternatives include job rotation, job ...


Definition of job specialization: The process of focusing one's occupational concentration on a specific area of expertise. An increase in job specialization among ...


Job specialization is the degree to which the overall task of the organization is broken .... Job characteristics approach is an alternative to job specialization that  ...


May 14, 2016 ... Alternatives to Specialization Job Enlargement An alternative to job specialization that involves giving the employee more tasks to perform.


Learn about the history of job design approaches. Consider alternatives to job specialization. Identify job characteristics that increase motivating potential.


One of the early alternatives to job specialization was job rotation. Job rotation involves moving employees from job to job at regular intervals. When employees  ...


Apr 7, 2015 ... Name: Date: September 17, 2014 Section: MAN3025, 9:30-10:50 Q1. Describe the five alternatives to job specialization. What is the advantage ...


Some advantages of job specialization include expertise, efficient performance and higher pay, but some disadvantages include job boredom and the inability to  ...


The purpose of job specialization is to split up the process of work into individual tasks that .... In other words, job rotation could be considered as alternative way.


Job rotation is the final job redesign strategy that assigns workers to an alternate job on a temporary basis. Job rotation is useful and motivating in several ways.