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The ostrich or common ostrich (Struthio camelus) is either one or two species of large flightless ... The ostrich is the largest living species of bird and lays the largest eggs of any .... The feat...

What is the independent clause in the sentence Although the ostrich ...


"It doesn't fly." The first (subordinate) clause would be followed by a comma. .... subordinate clause in the sentence Although the ostrich is a bird it doesn't fly?

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No. It is a flightless bird. ... Although this is a good question it requires a simple answer. .... clause in the sentence Although the ostrich is a bird it doesn't fly?

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The heavy ostrich cannot fly; instead, it's built to run. Its long,. Unlike most birds' feathers, ostrich feathers are loose, soft, and smooth. ... since they get what they need from the plants they eat, although they drink if they come to a water hole.

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I don't get how this translates into B. It doesn't even look close. ... It's hard to see why (B) works at first, but if you change the penguins and ostriches to some birds, it might be helpful. Stimulus: B --> F B --> W B -s-> ~Fly

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Nov 20, 2013 ... Ostriches and emus can't fly but they are classed as birds too. ... The flying ability of turkeys doesn't depend on whether they are wild or domesticated. ... Being able to fly, although common among birds is neither universal ...

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Nov 13, 2016 ... Ostriches are the largest birds in the world. Although ostriches can't fly, they can run very fast. Contrary to popular belief, the ostrich doesn't ...

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Fun bird facts for kids. ... Although it's true that all birds have feathers and wings, that doesn't necessarily ... It doesn't use it's wings to fly -- it uses them to swim. ... The ostrich relies on its speed, size and strong kick rather than flight for safety.

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It doesn't need to. ... It can't fly, but it can sprint up to 40 mph and land a very powerful kick! ... Ostriches live in nomadic groups of 50 or more birds (although usually more like 10 in a group), with a dominant male, dominant female, and other ...

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Ostrich meat doesn't taste like “other birds” because it is not a bird at all. It's meat is red like ... Ostrich cannot fly. However they are the ... Although the animal is native to Africa, ostrich thrive in Canada, with most producers located in Alberta.

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What is the subordinate clause in the sentence Although the ostrich ...


The subordinate clause of the sentence is -- Although the ostrich is a bird ... the subordinate clause in the sentence Although the ostrich is a bird it doesn't fly?

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Feb 4, 2013 ... The ostrich is the largest living bird weighing up to 300 pounds and standing more than 6 feet high. ... lack the intricate lateral hooking system found in birds that can fly. .... Although all hens lay their eggs in the dominante female's nest, ... would appear on the surface that the ostrich doesn't know what s...

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Apr 24, 2011 ... No doubt you'd learn to make the best of it, but life with ostrich wings would be more ... For other birds, just because it can't fly doesn't mean it can't reproduce. ..... By the way, although I am not one, theists can subscribe to the ...