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Four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four ... Choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic temperaments: 17c., part of the Grande Commande. In his Canon of Medicine (a standard medical text at ...


The terms sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic were coined by the Greek physician Aelius Galenus to describe the effect of the humours on ...


... to find your classical personality type: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric or Melancholic. ... I am not spontaneous but I can take a fast decision when I have to .


This test should help you find your most likely temperament blend! The result won 't say what your temperaments definitely are, though the more times you take it, ...


Dec 29, 2014 ... This four temperaments personality test assesses your behavior and thinking to ... whether you're sanguine, choleric melancholic or phlegmatic.


Are you Choleric, Phlegmatic, Sanguine or Melancholic by nature? Take our free four temperaments test to find out.


... four temperaments within the human race: Phlegmatic, Choleric, Melancholy, ... and some last-minute, much-needed studying for that math test first period!


Sep 15, 2009 ... The 4 temperaments are called choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, and sanguine. Which one are you? Find out here!


There are four basic temperaments that people are often classified under: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic. Which are you? Take the quiz and ...