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The answers to this quiz are a little bit obvious by just reading the questions but i guess it kind of helps to know if you are a push-over. Take this. ... IS the correct answer to this qu... I'm trying to do loads of tags s... A trick question ( ok two ) ...

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Take this quiz, how much of a push over are you, to find out if you knew to ... Break up with them, obvisouly they can't deal with the fact I'm not that kind of person.

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Personality Quizzes. Are You a Pushover? ... Being a pushover may make you more likeable, but it doesn't make you more respectable. Find out just how much  ...

Quiz: Are You a Pushover Parent? - Parents


... task for any parent. Take our quiz and find out if you're a softie or a strict disciplinarian! ... c.) Raise your voice back and say, "I'm on the phone! Wait a minute!" ...

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Jun 28, 2011 ... Where do you fall on that scale? Are you too much of a pushover? Too much of a bully? Take this quiz and find out! TAKE THE QUIZ ...

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Dec 1, 2005 ... ... a little bit too aggressive? Take this quiz to find out. ... I continue to let her accuse me. I tell her I am sorry that it is lost but that I did not do it.

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... quiz can work for girls. Sure, I'm a male. I'm a female but think you could create one of these for girls. I'm a male and hope you create a quiz like this for girls.

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... you'll go the extra mile? Find out if you're really hustling or just being a pushover with this quiz. ... I am usually waiting to call the sucka out. I will say something ...

Are You a Pushover? Seven Ways to Get Deliberate in Your Life ...


Aug 15, 2014 ... Being nice is a wonderful virtue and it is a quality that sustains relationships, but being too nice means that you are a pushover with no ...

15 things you'll only know if you're a complete and utter pushover


Mar 3, 2015 ... Of course I am. Who else lets them watch The Amityville Horror, allows them to drink cans of coke and then pays them to go to sleep? 12.