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Mar 7, 2003 ... To better describe the smell and the situation surrounding it: it is an ammonia/ urine type smell. It is very pungent at night and on occasion, other ...

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Hi all, Last week we smelled sort of an ammonia smell in my son's bedroom in the basement. Now the smell is overpowering and burns my ...

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Homes downwind of such operations may occasionally or frequently experience ammonia smells that waft into the house. You can test out this theory by asking ...

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Dec 24, 2016 ... Unfortunately, urine can produce ammonia odors.

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Feb 3, 2012 ... In the last few days I've noticed an ammonia smell in my kitchen. The smell .... ( What on earth could make a whole house smell like ammonia?!)

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To neutralize ammonia smell from pet urine, one can use simple home products, such as vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Because ammonia is an ...

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My bedroom smells like pee. ... Do you clean with ammonia? ... wiring and fixtures sometimes gives off a distinctive odor similar to ammonia.

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... we noticed a really strong ammonia smell coming from the garage. ... is living in there marking its territory and slowly moving into the house.

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Bad house smell has come on strong and suddenly. What is it .... The "old sweat plus ammonia" smell sounds like it could be house mice to me.

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The smell has an ammonia/soapy odour, most often more ammonia like and occasionally, more soapy. Our house is a 13-year-old bungalow built by Broadview.