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Ammon was an Iron Age Semitic-speaking nation occupying the east of the Jordan River, between the torrent valleys of Arnon and Jabbok, in present-day Jordan. The chief city of the country was Rabbah or Rabbath Ammon, site of the ...


Their capital city was Rabbah, (also called Rabbath Ammon, and afterwards .... the chief city of the Ammonites, among the eastern hills, some 20 miles .


Ammonite - dictionary definition, verses and Bible references on the topic of ... and took their chief city, Rabbah, with much spoil ( 2 Samuel 10:14 ; 12:26-31 ).


The Ammonites were a race very closely allied to the Hebrews. ... Her chief city, Rabbath, or Rabbath-Ammon, to distinguish it from a city of the same name in ...


Rabbah. The chief city of the Ammonites, (now capital of Jordan, Amman) c35 km E of the river Jordan alongside the springs of the Jabbok. The Ammonites were ...


Mar 14, 2016 ... The nation of Ammon or the Ammonites were a people living east of the ... The chief city of the Ammomites was Rabbah or Rabbath Ammon.


Their capital city was Rabbath, called also Rabbath Ammon on the Jabbok. ... Their chief god was Molech, or Moloch, to whom they offered human sacrifices (1  ...


They urged him to hasten his departure from the doomed city, but Lot nevertheless ... nation, the chief characteristics of which were wealth and moral corruption.


Outline of Bible verses on Ammonites, The from the New Topical Textbook. ... CHIEF CITIES OF,. Rabbah. 2 Samuel 12:26-27 And Joab fought against Rabbah ...


However, biblically, “Ammonite” was the usual name of the descendants of ... and took their chief city, Rabbah, with much spoil (2 Samuel 10:14; 12:26-31).