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In older classification systems, most amoebas were placed in the class or subphylum Sarcodina, a grouping of single-celled organisms that possess ...



Photographs and information on these simple single-celled organisms.

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An amoeba (pronounced uh-MEE-buh) is any of several tiny, one-celled protozoa in the ... and pulls apart to form two identical organisms (daughter cells).

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The amoeba is a tiny, one-celled organism. You need a microscope to see most amoebas - the largest are only about 1 mm across. Amoebas live in fresh water ...



As well as simple bacteria, there are more complex organisms, known as protoctists. ... An amoeba is a predatory single cell that does not have a fixed shape.

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Protista (Amoeba). The amoeba is a tiny, one-celled organism. You need a microscope to see most amoebas - the largest are only about 1 mm across. Amoebas ...

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Structure: Like many other protists, the structure of Amoeba proteus is relatively simple. It is a single celled organism that appears transparent and gelatin like ...

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Both plants and animals can be made of one cell-or millions of cells like you. One -celled ... Amoebas, Algae, Plankton, and bacteria are single-celled organisms.

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Protozoa are unicellular organisms that live in water or in damp places. The amoeba is an example of one. Although it is just one cell, it has adaptations that let it ...

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Apr 28, 2012 ... a single cell amoeba swimming around under the microscope. ... An Introduction To Unicellular And Multicellular Organisms - Duration: 2:58.
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Q: Is the amoeba a one-celled organism.
A: yes it is. Read More »
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Q: How are one celled organism like amoeba and multi cellular organi...
A: They all carry out the 7 life processes. Movement Respiration Sensitivity Growth Reproduction Excretion Nutrition Read More »
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Q: Why does a mammal require a transport system where as a one celle...
A: The reason is our size.Because mammals are so large(increased distance from the nutrients and the cells requiring them) have a high metabolic rate and a high le... Read More »
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Q: Is amoeba a single cell organism?
A: yes it is, yes! Read More »
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Q: What is an Amoeba a single celled organism in the Protists Kingdo...
A: A genus of naked, lobose, pseudopod-forming protozoa of the class Sarcodina that are abundant soil-dwellers, especially in rich organic debris . www.lungusa.org... Read More »
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