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A curved support structure that supports the weight of walls and roofs? arch. Edit ... This arch-like structure extends into long open spaces to form a tunnel? vault.


This arch-like structure extends into long open spaces to form a tunnel? ... An arched roof that connects walls and creates more open space in a structure? vault.


Space and place are among the most discussed concepts in architecture. ... Every building creates two spaces at the same time: interior space and ... These elements include: floor, ceiling, wall, material and surface, openings [4] ..... is connected to the exterior open-space (street) by a semi-open space (the Shenashir). Thus ...


Apr 2, 2015 ... An arched tunnel is formed by this pair of houses located beside a Japanese ... Named Arch Wall House, the structure was conceived as two separate ... walls stretching from both sides of the slope [roof] are slightly apart, ... stand face to face and side by side to share everyday life and space." ... Read more.


May 18, 2017 ... Wood arches echoing the windows' outline stand to either side of open ... A zinc- clad gasket connects the two structures, allowing for a ... The dark metal panels continue across to wrap around the roof and south ... Glazing of varying transparency wraps around the enclosed space ... More images and plans.


To make it even more complicated, the second floor of my home has a ... Some first floor interior walls are actually supporting the main roof of my ... in this building appears to be non-load bearing because the roof structure is all .... Masonry arches; ... but a wall across the open space where, if there was another stair below it, ...


Oct 16, 2001 ... The space frame includes a pair of upper longitudinal members. ... More particularly, the outward expansion of the wall of the blank during ... of the terminal end portion of the end segment and a periphery of the second opening. .... The cross portion 170 provides the lower cross structure connected between ...


Being open to the sky, urban space is most easily defined by a plan, and the ... We build structures so that we may connect to them; this extends our .... Urban space is bounded by buildings, trees, and walls; but neither by curbs, nor by cars. .... The roofs on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean temples all curl up at the corners.


Stay Connected ..... The tin roof and vaulted ceiling overhead make light rain the most delightful ... A woven ottoman moves around the space, creates additional seating, and serves as .... Undaunted, owners wanted to make the structure feel more intimate, cozy, ... The shutters fold back flush against the wall when opened.