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Glossary of architecture


This page is a glossary of architecture. Contents. Top; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W. See also; Notes; References. A[edit]. Aisle: Subsidiary space alongside t...

What is an arched roof that connects walls and creates more open ...


A Vault ... SAVE CANCEL. What is an arched roof that connects walls and creates more open space in a structure ... Who created the open spaces atomic model? ... This arch-like structure extends into long open spaces to form a tunnel? vault.

Urban Space and its Information Field, by Nikos A. Salingaros


Being open to the sky, urban space is most easily defined by a plan, and the ... We build structures so that we may connect to them; this extends our ... the formal geometry of the plan, have not created urban spaces that are used. ... Urban space is bounded by buildings, trees, and walls; but neither by curbs, .... Roof corners.

How do you build a shed with a sloped roof? | Reference.com


In order to build a shed with a sloped roof, first build a platform, then build the walls ... An Arched Roof That Connects Walls and Creates More Open Space in a  ...

Tiny House Community: build


3 days ago ... Design & construction guides; Roof types; Design considerations for ... Size: Generally, tiny houses on wheels should be no more than 13'6" high ... Cross Section (also called building section or wall section): .... Your pitch dictates how much space you have on the eave side of the structure. ... arched roof...

Appendix B - University of Cincinnati

www.uc.edu/content/dam/uc/af/pdc/campus_heritage_plan/new_heritage_files/Appendix B Buildings (15mb).pdf

Over time, new structures have been constructed adjacent and connected to the field house. The Shoemaker .... Appendix B 13. A new arched ramp has ..... the open space between. Material .... While most of the original building is left exposed, new red brick walls wrap around the ... walls and roof creates an impression of.

17.100.060 Universal Definitions


A detached accessory structure that is either entirely enclosed by walls and a solid ... or receptacle attached to such machine or connected therewith, which does not ... A continuously covered public space open on the sides, except for structural ... by a roof or building overhang or enclosed on more than two sides by walls.

A-Z in Your Old House: A Primer for Homeowners — Historic New ...


An A-Frame house in one in which the sidewalls and roof junctions are .... meant that early balloon-framed houses had long vertical wall cavities that created a fire hazard. ... Board-and-batten is a type of exterior siding or, more rarely, interior paneling ... A high-lime mortar allows a brick structure to absorb movement without ...

City of Simi Valley Citywide Design Guidelines


People judge a place by the quality of the physical spaces they see around them ... are meant to express a more or less desirable design solution. a. ... Arch - A curved structure supporting its weight over an open space ... building wall or roofline is made up of distinct parts or elements. A highly ... connects two buildings.

Petition to Save Edinburgh Bungalow Court - Department of City ...

planning.lacity.org/StaffRpt/CHC/11-19-15/4.Edinburgh Bungalow Court Final.pdf

Nov 19, 2015 ... Each bungalow has a flat roof bounded by a stepped parapet with clay ... along Edinburgh Avenue features a connecting wing wall that creates an arched gateway to the ... Connecting wing wall with arched gateway façade, connecting the ... and the demolition of an irreplaceable historic site/open space.

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Glossary of Architectural Terms | Trust for Architectural Easements


A series of arches supported by columns or other vertical elements. ... the wall in which it is situated, thus creating a small, nook-like interior space, ... An open space, usually open to the sky, enclosed by a building, often with an ... A perpendicular window located in a sloping roof; triangular walls join the window to the roof.

How are cyst removed from a person's head? | Reference.com


A: Surgeons perform a bunion surgery by creating an incision in the upper or side ... An Arched Roof That Connects Walls and Creates More Open Space in a ...

Houses by Naf Architect & Design form an arch - Dezeen


Apr 2, 2015 ... Named Arch Wall House, the structure was conceived as two ... stand face to face and side by side to share everyday life and space." ... The site is sandwiched between two roads, and the tunnel provides an access road connecting them. ... Design looks like it's been chopped in two and split open. More » ...