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A phosphatase is an enzyme that removes a phosphate group from its substrate by hydrolysing phosphoric acid monoesters into a phosphate ion and a molecule with a free hydroxyl group ... Another larg...

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What is any enzyme that adds an inorganic phosphate group to another ... What is the transfer of phosphate group to a molecule or compound is called?

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b. kinases ____ 63. An enzyme that attaches a phosphate group to another molecule is called a a. phosphatase. b. phosphorylase. c. kinase. d. cyclase. e.

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This can be a medium-size molecule called a prosthetic group, or it can be a metal ion (an .... Folds and clefts on the surface of an enzyme that enable attach ment to its ... A substance that interacts with another substance in a chemical reaction, .... is phosphorylation of an enzyme (addition of a phosphate group to the amino ....

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All of the enzyme molecules were obtained from that site and processed in ... make possible the ten steps in the breakdown of sugar – the process is called glycolysis. ... then takes the last phosphate group from an ATP molecule and attaches it to the glucose. Glucose ... fuctose1,6,biphosphate and another ADP molecule.



The input of additional energy (plus a phosphate group) "recharges" ADP into ... in the cytoplasm when an enzyme attaches a third phosphate to the ADP (both ... Usually the terminal phosphate is not simply removed, but instead is attached to another molecule. ... Adding a phosphate to a molecule is called phosphorylation .

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Jan 19, 2009 ... Included among these enzymes' targets for phosphate group addition ... Phosphorylation of lipid molecules by kinases is important for controlling ... Kinases attach the phosphate to the nucleoside, creating a nucleotide monophosphate. For example, an enzyme called nucleoside phosphorylase serves this ...

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Sometimes called the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor to distinguish it from a muscarinic .... Protein that changes from one conformation to another when it binds another ... Enzyme that attaches the correct amino acid to a tRNA molecule to form an .... The terminal phosphate groups are highly reactive in the sense that their ...

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In molecular biology, energy is stored and released by the movement of electrons . ... the removal of an electron from another atom is called oxidation (even when .... of it's phosphate groups (PO3) to another molecule (with the help of an enzyme). ... the ATP molecule so that it can attach to ATP's phosphate group as soon as ...

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The first stage of cellular respiration is a ten-step process called glycolysis. It starts with a glucose molecule and ends with two pyruvate, two ATP and two ... STEP 3: Phosphofructokinase attaches a phosphate group from another ATP ... STEP 9: The enolase enzyme removes a hydroxyl (OH) group from carbon-3, and a ...